Friday, 19 April 2019

How can we check website responsiveness on Different Browser and Mobile Version

How can we check website responsiveness using desktop, without investing money in device purchasing?
·                    For CHROME:
 1. Go to SETTING button of your chrome as shown in pic.1

 2. From drop down menu, choose more TOOLS and then DEVELOPER TOOLS as in pic. 2.


3. A screen appears as shown:

4. Choose your device on which you want to check website responsiveness from device option at the top left corner.

5. For example looks on ‘Apple iPhone 4’ as:

You can also check website responsiveness according to different screen size through firefox.

·        For  FIREFOX

1 Go to TOOLS   menu of Firefox. From drop down menu choose WEB DEVELOPER.A drop down list appears, choose RESPONSIVE DESIGN VIEW.

2.   From screen appears choose SIZE (RESOLUTION) according to you. For example
 for 800×1280 screen your website ( as:

You can also check website responsiveness in screenfly
·        For   SCREENFLY
1. Search on screenfly on google.
2. A screen appears as:
3. Type the website which as per your interest in the GO, in place of http:// as:
4. From the screen which appears choose the device from the menu
5. For example Motorola RAZR V3M is chosen as:
6. For Motorola RAZR V3M screen looks like:

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