Friday, 6 January 2017

Software Development Projects with SCRUM

Software Development

Software development is the process of doing computer programming of the application to run that application in the smooth way that includes programming, testing, documentation, fixing bugs and maintaining an application for proper running of the software for better and effective result of it. Software development is used to develop the application software so that it gives the benefits of the required work. Software development is the process of writing the code for the software, that means for any software to develop it requires source code that needs to be written or made by the developer so that the program can run effectively without any problem without coding in the software any program will not run without it that is why software development is done so that the program can run effectively with programming languages.
Example Like you are making the game software than for game to run effectively you need a programming that needs to be done at the back end of the software part, that means that will be the input to the software that shows the output result in the form of game that you will play at the end of completion of the software project.
Software development project is assigned development task to be completed in the given time and for business to be at the top of other companies you need Quality, Price, Reliability and Efficiency in your project. To develop the software in, the effective way you need some basic project management like Streamlining projects, Assessing incoming work, Assigning tasks to the team, Allocating resources, Managing communication with the client for requirements, Time management, Setting deadlines, goals, targets. For efficient running of the project like in the big industry, you will always need project management in a systematic proper way to execute and work on it. And if you take project management to the next level, then it comes scrum under it.

What is SCRUM Management

Scrum management is a project management tool or you can say agile tool that helps project management to run in more effectively and faster and incremental delivery of the project. In this processing project is divided into a different sprint that helps to finish the project faster with a different sprint delivery of the project. Scrum sprint helps the tester to work like a quality check in each sprint which helps to find bugs at very early stage of development which can be fixed at low cost not like in another method of project management. And helps to deliver a working software frequently. The best part in the scrum is working intensely and interdependently on a project which reduces the risk of communication failure and collaboration within the team.

What are the advantages of a SCRUM approach of management

  • It helps to give professional presence to clients
  • It helps to motivate team and improves efficiency in the team
  • It helps realistic modules to inculcate the discipline
  • It helps the team to review the process and stay focus on the goal by that
  • It helps to get the feedback on a regular basis and continuous improvement which brings structure to process

  • What are the characteristics of SCRUM

  • Self- organizing teams
  • Requirements are captured as product backlog
  • Product progress in series of sprint
  • To create an agile environment, it uses generative rules for delivering projects
  • No specific engineering practices
  • It is one of the agile process

  • 4 broad processes in SCRUM management

    Sprint planning

    The key part in scrum is a sprint that means iteration and that also for small duration. Duration and all planning of each sprint are done before the process start. Planning of sprint gives a clear picture of the goals to be achieved in that sprint so that team can focus on it.

    Daily stand-up

    This is done on a daily basis for small duration so that we can check that we are on the right track or not.

    Sprint Demo

    This done with different teams of the project so that everyone check the progress of the project together and what needs to be done next to improve the progress. Which will help to motivate team and stay focused on the project.

    Sprint Retrospective

    This sprint helps in the review of the past sprint which helps the team to check achievement and failure so that they can improve in the next sprint.

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