Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Game testing is process of testing for quality control of video games. It is the process of testing hidden error from video games and best qualitative video game. In the game development process Quality assurances testing is start from first code written and increasing as the game progress towards post production.
Game Testing is not an easy task. It requires large number of dedication and concentration. Now a days business require for gaming consoles and game applications that are perfect from all angles. For creating a good image and better response you need to deliver games that are free from bug and capable to run for different type of devices and platforms. In the game testing process a game tester plays a most important roll because it is depend on the knowledge and experience of tester for identify the bug and error from video game, and make it more qualitative and also different from other video games. For a puzzle game it is very important to make sure that all graphics looks good at every level.
For being a game developer and game tester required some core skills that are:

  • ·         Detail oriented and observations
  • ·         Analytical thinking
  • ·         Team work
  • ·         Investigation and troubleshooting skills.
Software testing is process of testing the quality of the product and services. This testing process can also provide the information related to objectives, independent view of the software and understand the risk of software implementation. 
Software testing is a technique of finding software bug, error or other defects from executing application and makes more qualitative to the particular application. Primary function of the software testing is to detect software failures so that defects may be corrected and discovered. Testing cannot establish a product function properly work under all situation and condition but can only establish that it does properly work under specific situation. Every software product has a different target audience, For example, the audience of game software is totally different from banking software, so when an organization develop software product it is necessary to access whether the software product will be acceptable to its end user, its purchaser, its target audience and other stakeholders.
Software testing a process of validating and verifying of software or application product to meets the business and technical requirements that guide its design and development.

Major Differences between Game testing and Software testing these are:

·         Software testing is very complex and multifaceted, while Game testing requires specific skills.
·         Game testing is Unique from the other testing. some aspect of game testing make different from other software testing such as:
Ø  Testing of fun factor
Ø  Testing of balance
Ø  Game level testing
Ø  Multiplayer testing
Ø  AI testing
Ø  Audio testing
Ø  Video testing
Ø  Physical testing and many more.

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