Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Concepts of Windows Application Testing!!!!

Windows application testing is generally known as GUI (Graphical User Testing) testing. Generally testing can be categorized in Windows application testing and Web application testing.

Windows Application Testing  is process of testing the Quality assurance of windows application. Testing process use to check the function of windows application is run properly or not, give expected result or not. In simple terms windows application testing checking your windows application for potential bugs before it made live. In Windows Application Testing a tester have full control over the windows application through internet where number of clients and server are known. 

Windows Testing application categorized in to these terms:
·         Desktop Testing
·         Client Server Testing

                Desktop testing is single tier application and this is singular user testing. In Desktop testing application runs in single system. In simple term when you talk about Desktop Testing it means you are focusing on specific environment because, in desktop testing application runs on personal computer. You will test complete application categories like functionality, usability, configuration, GUI (Graphical User Interface), Load and Backend.

Client Server Application Testing is two tier applications runs between two or more system. In this application testing a tester have two different components to test between limited numbers of user, connection exits until logout and they all are known users.
In client Server Application Testing, application is loaded on server machine while application exe is loaded on every client machine. You will test complete application categories in broadly such as client-server interaction, GUI (Graphical User Interface) in both side, Load, Functionality, Configuration, Backend.

Web Application Testing is three tier applications runs between two or more system. It is very complex and different process. In web application there are unlimited numbers of user and they all are unknown, do not know to each other.
In Web application testing application is loaded on main server whose location may or may not be define, no exe is installed on the client machine. Web application is test on different web browser or operating system (OS) platform, so in web application testing tester have mainly focusing on browser compatibility, operating system compatibility, static pages, error handling load testing and backend testing.
Many issues exits in web application like hardware compatibility, browser compatibility, security issue, version compatibility, performance issue etc.

Here is given some important points will help you in windows application testing

v  Firstly we should understand the important functionality of the application.
v  Understand important aspects of the application.
v  Understand  visible functionality of application
v  Understand application  High- risk module
v  Listing out the problem areas which may be cause of customer service complaints
v  Understand application high security function.


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