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Monday, 15 February 2016

What & Why Security Testing is required!!!!

Security is set of measure to protect a software / application against unauthorized user.

Security Testing gives the guarantee, that system and applications in any organization are free from threats that may be the cause of any big loss. Security testing of any application and system is a process of finding all threats and weakness which may result in loss of information or data.

Security Testing provides the facility to secure the customers’ information and keep private is a top priority for all companies.

Under Security Testing six basic security concepts are needed to cover:
·         Confidentiality
·         Integrity
·         Authentication
·         Availability
·         Authorization
·         Non-repudiation

Confidential is a security measure which protects against the revealing of information to parties other than the intendant recipient that is by no means the only way of ensuring the security.

·         Authorization is the process of demonstrating the identity of the write user.
·         Authorization is the processes of determining that a user is allowed to receive a service or performing any task. For example- Access Control.

·         Integrity is a process to check the information transferred from one application to another application is correct or not.
·         Integrity of information means to protect information modification against unauthorized use or parties.

Authentication can be in different form such as biometrics, Password, Radio Frequency identification, etc. Authentication may be involved verifying the identity of a person.

Availability is assuring information and communication services will be ready for use when need it. Information must be kept always available to authorized user so that they can access any time when they need.

Non-Repudiation means to control that a transferred message has been sent and receive by a party or users claiming to have sent or received the message.

Various Types of Software Testing:
There are various types of security Testing, they are explained as below:
v  Security Auditing
v  Posture Assessment
v  Ethical Hacking

Security Scanning involve identifying weaknesses of system and network and after that provides solutions reducing this risk. Security Scanning may be performed for both manual and automated scanning.

Penetration Testing involves understanding the ability of an attacker to gain access to confidential information.

Security Auditing:
 Security Auditing is a function to look at a particular control or compliance issue. Security Auditing is an internal inspection of application and operating system for security flaws.

Risk Assessment testing involves the analysis of security risk observed in the organized. Risk may be classified in Low, Medium and High.

Vulnerability Scanning testing is done through automated software to scan a system against known Vulnerability Signatures.

Why Security Testing Is Required??

Security Testing requires for following reasons:
v  Security Testing is required for network security.
v  It is required for System Software Security.
v  Security testing is also required for Client-side application security, and Server-side application security.
v  Security testing requires keeping confidentiality of information.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Concepts of Windows Application Testing!!!!

Windows application testing is generally known as GUI (Graphical User Testing) testing. Generally testing can be categorized in Windows application testing and Web application testing.

Windows Application Testing  is process of testing the Quality assurance of windows application. Testing process use to check the function of windows application is run properly or not, give expected result or not. In simple terms windows application testing checking your windows application for potential bugs before it made live. In Windows Application Testing a tester have full control over the windows application through internet where number of clients and server are known. 

Windows Testing application categorized in to these terms:
·         Desktop Testing
·         Client Server Testing

                Desktop testing is single tier application and this is singular user testing. In Desktop testing application runs in single system. In simple term when you talk about Desktop Testing it means you are focusing on specific environment because, in desktop testing application runs on personal computer. You will test complete application categories like functionality, usability, configuration, GUI (Graphical User Interface), Load and Backend.

Client Server Application Testing is two tier applications runs between two or more system. In this application testing a tester have two different components to test between limited numbers of user, connection exits until logout and they all are known users.
In client Server Application Testing, application is loaded on server machine while application exe is loaded on every client machine. You will test complete application categories in broadly such as client-server interaction, GUI (Graphical User Interface) in both side, Load, Functionality, Configuration, Backend.

Web Application Testing is three tier applications runs between two or more system. It is very complex and different process. In web application there are unlimited numbers of user and they all are unknown, do not know to each other.
In Web application testing application is loaded on main server whose location may or may not be define, no exe is installed on the client machine. Web application is test on different web browser or operating system (OS) platform, so in web application testing tester have mainly focusing on browser compatibility, operating system compatibility, static pages, error handling load testing and backend testing.
Many issues exits in web application like hardware compatibility, browser compatibility, security issue, version compatibility, performance issue etc.

Here is given some important points will help you in windows application testing

v  Firstly we should understand the important functionality of the application.
v  Understand important aspects of the application.
v  Understand  visible functionality of application
v  Understand application  High- risk module
v  Listing out the problem areas which may be cause of customer service complaints
v  Understand application high security function.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Game testing is process of testing for quality control of video games. It is the process of testing hidden error from video games and best qualitative video game. In the game development process Quality assurances testing is start from first code written and increasing as the game progress towards post production.
Game Testing is not an easy task. It requires large number of dedication and concentration. Now a days business require for gaming consoles and game applications that are perfect from all angles. For creating a good image and better response you need to deliver games that are free from bug and capable to run for different type of devices and platforms. In the game testing process a game tester plays a most important roll because it is depend on the knowledge and experience of tester for identify the bug and error from video game, and make it more qualitative and also different from other video games. For a puzzle game it is very important to make sure that all graphics looks good at every level.
For being a game developer and game tester required some core skills that are:

  • ·         Detail oriented and observations
  • ·         Analytical thinking
  • ·         Team work
  • ·         Investigation and troubleshooting skills.
Software testing is process of testing the quality of the product and services. This testing process can also provide the information related to objectives, independent view of the software and understand the risk of software implementation. 
Software testing is a technique of finding software bug, error or other defects from executing application and makes more qualitative to the particular application. Primary function of the software testing is to detect software failures so that defects may be corrected and discovered. Testing cannot establish a product function properly work under all situation and condition but can only establish that it does properly work under specific situation. Every software product has a different target audience, For example, the audience of game software is totally different from banking software, so when an organization develop software product it is necessary to access whether the software product will be acceptable to its end user, its purchaser, its target audience and other stakeholders.
Software testing a process of validating and verifying of software or application product to meets the business and technical requirements that guide its design and development.

Major Differences between Game testing and Software testing these are:

·         Software testing is very complex and multifaceted, while Game testing requires specific skills.
·         Game testing is Unique from the other testing. some aspect of game testing make different from other software testing such as:
Ø  Testing of fun factor
Ø  Testing of balance
Ø  Game level testing
Ø  Multiplayer testing
Ø  AI testing
Ø  Audio testing
Ø  Video testing
Ø  Physical testing and many more.
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