Thursday, 21 January 2016

TTS (Travel Technology & Solutions)….Save Time & Money!!!!!!

TTS (Travel Technology & Solutions)….Save Time & Money!!!!!!

TTS (Travel Technology & Solutions) founded in 1979, is a global leading player in the development of on-line booking and reservation solutions for the travel and tourism industry.
Travels Technology & Solution gives the best customer satisfaction and maximize profitability through provide them cost effective travel technology and fulfilment solutions to companies. Travel technology is a type of business which performs by the travelling agencies. There are lots of travelling agencies like Flight Tracking etc.

TTS (Travels Technology & Solutions) is the application of Information technology in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, Also called as tourism technology, and hospitality automation. Travel Technology may also be called as e-travel or e-tourism, in reference to “Electronic travel” and “Electronic tourism”. It can be define as the analysis, design, Implementation and application of Information Technology and E-commerce solutions in the tourism & travel Industry; as well as analysis of the market structure, economic process and customer relationship management.

Travel Technology includes various processes such as dynamic packaging which provide the best useful options for consumers. With the help of Travel Technology a consumer can save their Time and Money both. Through these technology they have a lots of Travel option and select the best one.
Travel Technology is application of on-line booking travel ticket. XML based technology has become most important for the travel industry. Travel technology can refers technology intendant for use by traveller such as laptop, computers with satellite internet connections. XML has also an important application is establishing of direct connection and long-time relationship between airline and travel agencies.

TTS (Travels Technology & Solutions) provide leading edge technology to support and grow their businesses. It allows companies to concentrate on their customers and core responsibilities. A Tourism & travel industry gets better on-line solutions when they fill some difficulties in travel technologies. With the help of Travel Technology & Solutions, a travel industry also analyses the customer’s need demand and expectations and maximizing their own profit, develop their business growth through providing them the best customer satisfaction service. TTS provides information technology support, high speed data access, security management, software licensing. 

TTS also provides Global data warehousing and access to superior technology without capital investment which translates into profitability maximized. TTS is application of information technology through which a customer direct access all information about tourism  and travel industries and direct booking their travel ticket by on-line and save their precious time and money. Now a days Tourism and Travelling industries become more competitive. Each and every travelling Industry wants to use the best technologies in travelling booking process and better solutions

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