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Let’s explore “Do follow” & “No follow” links in detail!!!

“Do follow” & “No follow” are very important terms in SEO (Search Engine Organisation). These two are really important terms regarding the success of your websites and helps a lot in increasing the PR ranks of your websites. So far we have discussed a lot about search engine optimisation and its use. Today we are going to discuss various important things about “do follow” and no follow links.  We will discuss various facts, features, and characteristics about them and also understand the basic key differences between these two kinds of links.

Here I will introduce you all with two types of important links that are “do follow” & “no follow”. Let me first tell you all about “do follow” links, means what exactly is “do follow” links??
      Think of a scenario when a link of any other website points towards your website, then don’t you think it is an SEO related boost to you and your site. Yes, exactly you are right, a single external link which is pointing towards your website can surely and obviously increase PR rank of your website. And if you get more and more such links, then you get more and more view counts and in result your website in on top.
Therefore, we can define a follow link as an external link that points towards your website and results in boosting the page ranks and hence increasing the SERP.

Actually, a link is like a point and the more links you have, then the more points you got. And you must know that google took notes of these points and, therefore, calculates the respective page range. No matter how bad your website in terms of content and all, but if you have a few follow links then your website is doing great.

Now after understanding about “do follow” links let us understand what is “no follow” links???
In terms of page favourable conditions, a “no follow” link is a link that does not count as a point. A “no follow” link does not boost page ranks and hence there is no increase in SERP’s. In simple words if there are no follow links then you do not get required view counts. You will shock to know that no follow link simply a direct message to search engine saying “Do not count this”.

There is an HTML tag for no follows link which looks like the following written HTML tag
 <a href = rel=”no follow”>Link Text</a>

You must also know that recently google they will still continue to count the “non follow” link as an outgoing link in terms of page rank distribution from your page. Actually, it also depends on the fact that where a non-follow link is placed.

Where to use follow up and no follow up links
After discussing “follow up” links and “no follow” briefly we really need to know that where exactly we should use these links in order to get maximum benefits. First I will tell you where to use “follow up” links:
·         You should actually refer to those websites that have related content stuff
·         The websites you are going to use should be high-quality websites like google blog
·         If you are using any related content then you should mention the link of referred site or original source for sure.

Now we will discuss that where to use “no follow” links:
·         In comments section, we do not have any control that who is doing comment on our website and who is not, and also which sort of comment is that. Sometimes any spam website may also do some type of unwanted comments which can really affect your website.
·         Websites which have unrelated content which is not really as per requirement of the readers.
·         Other abusive sites such as adult sites, casino, gambling, porn sites etc.
·         Other affiliate links.
·         Sponsored links
·         Footer links.

How do you get follow links to your website???
Till now you become known to the various beneficial key points of the presence of “follow up” links and you are now thinking to try this and want to learn more that how can you get these links to your website. So here I would like to tell you about this.
1.     The very first thing that you should keep in your mind is that you should strictly concentrate on the quality of the content. I mean it should not be copied from any other website. It should strictly be as per reader’s requirement and should be accurate and knowledgeable.

2. One more thing which is beneficial for this purpose is guest posting. There are a number of websites, especially for guest posting. For example
· and many more

2.       Third important thing is that you should also try to link other web sites on your web blogs which therefore link you back and further leads you to increase SREP’s.

Tools to check & highlight do follow and no follow links
·         DoFollow blogs search engine
DoFollow is actually a WordPress plugin, that aims to disable the nofollow links. I am also glad to inform you that dofollow is now considered as a great way to attract visitors, readers as well as those who do comment. Therefore, this search engine is a great tool that finds the blog without “no follow” tag in the comment links.

·         DoFollow driver
By using dofollow you can search over 700 blogs. It can also search those blogs which have topcommenter and commentLuv installed.

·         Radpixels DoFollow search
If you have to search feeds from “dofollow” blogs then you must go for Radpixels dofollow search. It also aims to index the posts. Through this you can get relevant posts and articles where you can try & comment to get valuable backlinks.

·         CommentHunt
If you want to find good page rank & dofollow blogs then you must surely go for CommentHunt. This helps you to generate efficient backlinks and comments for your blog.

·         Firefox add-ons & chrome extensions
No dofollow
SEOMoz Toolbar
SEO toolbar

This is all for today’s blog about “dofollow” links & “no follow” links. In next post, we will discuss that how they are important for commenting. Till then keep visiting

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