Tuesday, 5 January 2016


  In our previous posts, we discussed white box testing, black box testing and also did a comparison between them on the basis of some key terms. As far as today’s blog is concerned  we will discuss the process or you can say steps in which we can perform white box testing. But before discussing such an interesting and important topic let us take a quick look on what is a white box testing.


A White box testing is a type of testing in which we can able to test the internal structure or working of any application. It can also be defined as a testing technique,  that examines the program structure and derives test data from program code.

White box testing is also called as structural testing, clear testing or transparent testing, open box testing or logic driven testing.

Let us now discuss the main steps to implement a white box testing
First thing is to understand the functionality of the particular application by understanding its source code. And in order to understand the source code, the tester should fully aware of the programming languages like java, c etc. and also he/she should  be well versed of other tools  and techniques used in software developing.

           Design test cases as per requirements and execute them.

The general process of white box testing includes 3 key points that is:

1. Input  (Requirements)
In this phase we actually need some sorts of the requirement in order to accomplish our tasks such as Functional specification, Proper source code should be there and also, the design of the required documents should be in a detailed manner.

2. Processing unit (Analysing and internal structure)
In processing, we simply need to design the test cases as per the requirement of project or client and execute them

3. Output (Final results)
In Output phase, we have to extract the final results of the whole task.

It is actually the basic working process of white box testing which can really help a novel tester to perform white box testing easily and efficiently. Let us take a look on the below diagram regarding this basic working process of white box testing.

The term coverage has also its own importance in white box testing which really need to be discussed if you want to learn more and more about structural testing. But we will update you with that topic in our next blog.
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