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Banking and Financial Testing Services…!!!!!!!

Banking and Financial Testing Services…!!!!!!!
A Bank is a company provides the facility of money lending and deposit. It deals with lending and borrowing money to people. Bank provides the protection facility to the customer of their money deposits and also gives some interest on their deposits.

Bank also lends their money to the customers and various businesses to support their business and charges some rate of interest on lending money.

Bank is a financial institution which provides the financial help to the businessmen when they required more money for new projects. It is also provides the financial help to the public who want to start their new business.

A Bank is support to the world economy growth; in simple world you can say without bank support a world economy can never be grow.

Services offer by Bank:
Bank is a financial institution provide various kind of services to account holders at their specified branches these are-
·         Multi city payable cheque facility.
·         Internet banking .
·         Mobile banking .
·         Anywhere banking facility.
·         Credit card, Debit card, Visa card, ATM card facility.
·         Telephone banking facility and
·         Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) facility.

Now a day’s private bank extending their services including equity trading apart from credits card and Wealth management service.
Bank charge some extra money for these facility to their customer, and the charges facility depend on the customer relationship and their transactions.

Different types of Bank:
Bank divides in to different types on the basis of their activities such as:
·         Commercial Bank is a Non-profit organization owned by the Government, refers to the bank mostly deals with Deposits and loans from corporations or large business.

·         Co-operative Bank is Non-profit organization also called as Credit Union. In this type of Bank membership is restricted to employees of a particular company, member of a religious Union, and their immediate family.
·         Business Banking is a type of bank providing service to the mid- market business.
·         Retail Banking is also a type of bank directly dealing with small business and Individuals
·         Private Banking is a profit making organization providing wealth management facility services to high-net-worth Individuals and families.
·         Investment Banking is providing activities in the financial market. And more types of bank.

Banking and Financial Testing Services:
In highly competitive market bank need offer the advantage to exceed customers’ expectation. In order to stable loyalty and drive profitability, bank need to offer non- stop interactive banking environment to their customers’.
Banking and financial testing Services is process of testing the Quality Assurance of application that run today’s financial institutions and interconnected as firm strive to meet demand for speed, Flexibility and transparency. Mature and reliable testing tool can bring consistency and reliability to core system while achieving cost saving through fully managed or automate testing service.
These are times of quickly changing technology, Dynamic Financial industry, more competitive pressures with increasing regulatory compliance and customer demand. According to these challenges Banking and Financial Services companies need to cost effective testing solutions that provides enhanced test coverage and reduce overall testing cycle time and also minimize cost resulting in improved efficiency and quality Time-to market.

Challenges in Banking Testing Services:
Now a day’s Bank is an Omni-channel services. Some of the challenges associated with testing of banking and financial services, these are given below:
·         Usability Testing:
Usability Testing is a type of testing the customer behavior/knowledge who may lack of technical skills or financial awareness to easily perform their banking task through online or internet banking services. The Website should be tested for the simple and efficient design to make easy use for various groups of customers.
·         Performance Testing:
Performance testing is a type of testing the banking website working properly or not. Performance failure in banking websites can have a personal effect on the customers’.

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