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Monday, 15 February 2016

What & Why Security Testing is required!!!!

Security is set of measure to protect a software / application against unauthorized user.

Security Testing gives the guarantee, that system and applications in any organization are free from threats that may be the cause of any big loss. Security testing of any application and system is a process of finding all threats and weakness which may result in loss of information or data.

Security Testing provides the facility to secure the customers’ information and keep private is a top priority for all companies.

Under Security Testing six basic security concepts are needed to cover:
·         Confidentiality
·         Integrity
·         Authentication
·         Availability
·         Authorization
·         Non-repudiation

Confidential is a security measure which protects against the revealing of information to parties other than the intendant recipient that is by no means the only way of ensuring the security.

·         Authorization is the process of demonstrating the identity of the write user.
·         Authorization is the processes of determining that a user is allowed to receive a service or performing any task. For example- Access Control.

·         Integrity is a process to check the information transferred from one application to another application is correct or not.
·         Integrity of information means to protect information modification against unauthorized use or parties.

Authentication can be in different form such as biometrics, Password, Radio Frequency identification, etc. Authentication may be involved verifying the identity of a person.

Availability is assuring information and communication services will be ready for use when need it. Information must be kept always available to authorized user so that they can access any time when they need.

Non-Repudiation means to control that a transferred message has been sent and receive by a party or users claiming to have sent or received the message.

Various Types of Software Testing:
There are various types of security Testing, they are explained as below:
v  Security Auditing
v  Posture Assessment
v  Ethical Hacking

Security Scanning involve identifying weaknesses of system and network and after that provides solutions reducing this risk. Security Scanning may be performed for both manual and automated scanning.

Penetration Testing involves understanding the ability of an attacker to gain access to confidential information.

Security Auditing:
 Security Auditing is a function to look at a particular control or compliance issue. Security Auditing is an internal inspection of application and operating system for security flaws.

Risk Assessment testing involves the analysis of security risk observed in the organized. Risk may be classified in Low, Medium and High.

Vulnerability Scanning testing is done through automated software to scan a system against known Vulnerability Signatures.

Why Security Testing Is Required??

Security Testing requires for following reasons:
v  Security Testing is required for network security.
v  It is required for System Software Security.
v  Security testing is also required for Client-side application security, and Server-side application security.
v  Security testing requires keeping confidentiality of information.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Concepts of Windows Application Testing!!!!

Windows application testing is generally known as GUI (Graphical User Testing) testing. Generally testing can be categorized in Windows application testing and Web application testing.

Windows Application Testing  is process of testing the Quality assurance of windows application. Testing process use to check the function of windows application is run properly or not, give expected result or not. In simple terms windows application testing checking your windows application for potential bugs before it made live. In Windows Application Testing a tester have full control over the windows application through internet where number of clients and server are known. 

Windows Testing application categorized in to these terms:
·         Desktop Testing
·         Client Server Testing

                Desktop testing is single tier application and this is singular user testing. In Desktop testing application runs in single system. In simple term when you talk about Desktop Testing it means you are focusing on specific environment because, in desktop testing application runs on personal computer. You will test complete application categories like functionality, usability, configuration, GUI (Graphical User Interface), Load and Backend.

Client Server Application Testing is two tier applications runs between two or more system. In this application testing a tester have two different components to test between limited numbers of user, connection exits until logout and they all are known users.
In client Server Application Testing, application is loaded on server machine while application exe is loaded on every client machine. You will test complete application categories in broadly such as client-server interaction, GUI (Graphical User Interface) in both side, Load, Functionality, Configuration, Backend.

Web Application Testing is three tier applications runs between two or more system. It is very complex and different process. In web application there are unlimited numbers of user and they all are unknown, do not know to each other.
In Web application testing application is loaded on main server whose location may or may not be define, no exe is installed on the client machine. Web application is test on different web browser or operating system (OS) platform, so in web application testing tester have mainly focusing on browser compatibility, operating system compatibility, static pages, error handling load testing and backend testing.
Many issues exits in web application like hardware compatibility, browser compatibility, security issue, version compatibility, performance issue etc.

Here is given some important points will help you in windows application testing

v  Firstly we should understand the important functionality of the application.
v  Understand important aspects of the application.
v  Understand  visible functionality of application
v  Understand application  High- risk module
v  Listing out the problem areas which may be cause of customer service complaints
v  Understand application high security function.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Game testing is process of testing for quality control of video games. It is the process of testing hidden error from video games and best qualitative video game. In the game development process Quality assurances testing is start from first code written and increasing as the game progress towards post production.
Game Testing is not an easy task. It requires large number of dedication and concentration. Now a days business require for gaming consoles and game applications that are perfect from all angles. For creating a good image and better response you need to deliver games that are free from bug and capable to run for different type of devices and platforms. In the game testing process a game tester plays a most important roll because it is depend on the knowledge and experience of tester for identify the bug and error from video game, and make it more qualitative and also different from other video games. For a puzzle game it is very important to make sure that all graphics looks good at every level.
For being a game developer and game tester required some core skills that are:

  • ·         Detail oriented and observations
  • ·         Analytical thinking
  • ·         Team work
  • ·         Investigation and troubleshooting skills.
Software testing is process of testing the quality of the product and services. This testing process can also provide the information related to objectives, independent view of the software and understand the risk of software implementation. 
Software testing is a technique of finding software bug, error or other defects from executing application and makes more qualitative to the particular application. Primary function of the software testing is to detect software failures so that defects may be corrected and discovered. Testing cannot establish a product function properly work under all situation and condition but can only establish that it does properly work under specific situation. Every software product has a different target audience, For example, the audience of game software is totally different from banking software, so when an organization develop software product it is necessary to access whether the software product will be acceptable to its end user, its purchaser, its target audience and other stakeholders.
Software testing a process of validating and verifying of software or application product to meets the business and technical requirements that guide its design and development.

Major Differences between Game testing and Software testing these are:

·         Software testing is very complex and multifaceted, while Game testing requires specific skills.
·         Game testing is Unique from the other testing. some aspect of game testing make different from other software testing such as:
Ø  Testing of fun factor
Ø  Testing of balance
Ø  Game level testing
Ø  Multiplayer testing
Ø  AI testing
Ø  Audio testing
Ø  Video testing
Ø  Physical testing and many more.
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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How to Improve Business Relationship with Customer!!!!!

To improve business relationship with customer, use Customer Relationship management approach. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an approach to build a company’s interaction with customer and establish good and long lasting relationship between current and prospective customers. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) approach is basically use to analyse the customer’s need, demand and the expectations and provides them the best one product according to their need, demand and more than expectations.

As we know customer is the king of the market. Now a day’s market is more competitive place where lots of competitor is there with same type of product, in this situation to beat the competitor it is important to analysis the customer current expectations and provides them the best qualitative and satisfactory product, Though which they can satisfy after consuming the product and set the mind to continue with the same brand.

Customer Relationship Management is an application of understanding your customers and their need. CRM is psychology leverage technology to build stronger relationship with current and prospective customers while maximizing your marketing capabilities and customer service capabilities. Customer management Relationship application includes some features such as:
·         Marketing automation
·         Sales Forces automation
·         Contact centre automation
·         Location based service

      A CRM strategy tries to analyse data about customers’ history with company, in order to build better business relationship with former, Current and prospective customers, specially focus on retaining customer in order to improve sales growth. With the help of CRM strategies collect the customers’ information from a range of different channels, such as company’s websites, telephones, Social media, live chat, email, marketing material and many more.

Through Customer Relationship Management application you can keep key customers’ information such as need, demand, expectation, communication, contact, purchase and preferences. This application is also allow matching customer’s need and expectation with your product and services.

Customers Relationship Management strategies help to analyse data and identify the best customer for business provides better way to communicates with your customers, manage market campaigns and also reduce customers’ complaints.

Before selecting the customers Relationship Management approaches you need to understand some important aspect about your customer management methodology, Customers’ behaviours and customers’ preferences. In order to be effective output CRM system need to ensure that:

  • ·         Capture data is accurate.
  • ·         Data is properly analysed.
  • ·         Experienced people seeing the result.
  • ·         Correctly use information.
Customer Relation Management strategies can easily become effective if there is proper management and if they implemented correctly.  The data must be organized, distributed in properly manner so that the customer can access the information related to product or brand quickly and easily.

CRM (customer Relationship Management) strategy provides better solutions for establish better and long lasting relationship between business and customer. This approach is helpful for retaining the customer in order to sales growth. 
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Thursday, 21 January 2016

TTS (Travel Technology & Solutions)….Save Time & Money!!!!!!

TTS (Travel Technology & Solutions)….Save Time & Money!!!!!!

TTS (Travel Technology & Solutions) founded in 1979, is a global leading player in the development of on-line booking and reservation solutions for the travel and tourism industry.
Travels Technology & Solution gives the best customer satisfaction and maximize profitability through provide them cost effective travel technology and fulfilment solutions to companies. Travel technology is a type of business which performs by the travelling agencies. There are lots of travelling agencies like Flight Tracking etc.

TTS (Travels Technology & Solutions) is the application of Information technology in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry, Also called as tourism technology, and hospitality automation. Travel Technology may also be called as e-travel or e-tourism, in reference to “Electronic travel” and “Electronic tourism”. It can be define as the analysis, design, Implementation and application of Information Technology and E-commerce solutions in the tourism & travel Industry; as well as analysis of the market structure, economic process and customer relationship management.

Travel Technology includes various processes such as dynamic packaging which provide the best useful options for consumers. With the help of Travel Technology a consumer can save their Time and Money both. Through these technology they have a lots of Travel option and select the best one.
Travel Technology is application of on-line booking travel ticket. XML based technology has become most important for the travel industry. Travel technology can refers technology intendant for use by traveller such as laptop, computers with satellite internet connections. XML has also an important application is establishing of direct connection and long-time relationship between airline and travel agencies.

TTS (Travels Technology & Solutions) provide leading edge technology to support and grow their businesses. It allows companies to concentrate on their customers and core responsibilities. A Tourism & travel industry gets better on-line solutions when they fill some difficulties in travel technologies. With the help of Travel Technology & Solutions, a travel industry also analyses the customer’s need demand and expectations and maximizing their own profit, develop their business growth through providing them the best customer satisfaction service. TTS provides information technology support, high speed data access, security management, software licensing. 

TTS also provides Global data warehousing and access to superior technology without capital investment which translates into profitability maximized. TTS is application of information technology through which a customer direct access all information about tourism  and travel industries and direct booking their travel ticket by on-line and save their precious time and money. Now a days Tourism and Travelling industries become more competitive. Each and every travelling Industry wants to use the best technologies in travelling booking process and better solutions

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Let’s explore “Do follow” & “No follow” links in detail!!!

“Do follow” & “No follow” are very important terms in SEO (Search Engine Organisation). These two are really important terms regarding the success of your websites and helps a lot in increasing the PR ranks of your websites. So far we have discussed a lot about search engine optimisation and its use. Today we are going to discuss various important things about “do follow” and no follow links.  We will discuss various facts, features, and characteristics about them and also understand the basic key differences between these two kinds of links.

Here I will introduce you all with two types of important links that are “do follow” & “no follow”. Let me first tell you all about “do follow” links, means what exactly is “do follow” links??
      Think of a scenario when a link of any other website points towards your website, then don’t you think it is an SEO related boost to you and your site. Yes, exactly you are right, a single external link which is pointing towards your website can surely and obviously increase PR rank of your website. And if you get more and more such links, then you get more and more view counts and in result your website in on top.
Therefore, we can define a follow link as an external link that points towards your website and results in boosting the page ranks and hence increasing the SERP.

Actually, a link is like a point and the more links you have, then the more points you got. And you must know that google took notes of these points and, therefore, calculates the respective page range. No matter how bad your website in terms of content and all, but if you have a few follow links then your website is doing great.

Now after understanding about “do follow” links let us understand what is “no follow” links???
In terms of page favourable conditions, a “no follow” link is a link that does not count as a point. A “no follow” link does not boost page ranks and hence there is no increase in SERP’s. In simple words if there are no follow links then you do not get required view counts. You will shock to know that no follow link simply a direct message to search engine saying “Do not count this”.

There is an HTML tag for no follows link which looks like the following written HTML tag
 <a href =http://www.websitename.com/ rel=”no follow”>Link Text</a>

You must also know that recently google they will still continue to count the “non follow” link as an outgoing link in terms of page rank distribution from your page. Actually, it also depends on the fact that where a non-follow link is placed.

Where to use follow up and no follow up links
After discussing “follow up” links and “no follow” briefly we really need to know that where exactly we should use these links in order to get maximum benefits. First I will tell you where to use “follow up” links:
·         You should actually refer to those websites that have related content stuff
·         The websites you are going to use should be high-quality websites like google blog
·         If you are using any related content then you should mention the link of referred site or original source for sure.

Now we will discuss that where to use “no follow” links:
·         In comments section, we do not have any control that who is doing comment on our website and who is not, and also which sort of comment is that. Sometimes any spam website may also do some type of unwanted comments which can really affect your website.
·         Websites which have unrelated content which is not really as per requirement of the readers.
·         Other abusive sites such as adult sites, casino, gambling, porn sites etc.
·         Other affiliate links.
·         Sponsored links
·         Footer links.

How do you get follow links to your website???
Till now you become known to the various beneficial key points of the presence of “follow up” links and you are now thinking to try this and want to learn more that how can you get these links to your website. So here I would like to tell you about this.
1.     The very first thing that you should keep in your mind is that you should strictly concentrate on the quality of the content. I mean it should not be copied from any other website. It should strictly be as per reader’s requirement and should be accurate and knowledgeable.

2. One more thing which is beneficial for this purpose is guest posting. There are a number of websites, especially for guest posting. For example
·         http://www.entrepreneur.com/
·         http://killerstartups.com/
·         http://startoholics.in/
·         http://www.techieblogger.com/ and many more

2.       Third important thing is that you should also try to link other web sites on your web blogs which therefore link you back and further leads you to increase SREP’s.

Tools to check & highlight do follow and no follow links
·         DoFollow blogs search engine
DoFollow is actually a WordPress plugin, that aims to disable the nofollow links. I am also glad to inform you that dofollow is now considered as a great way to attract visitors, readers as well as those who do comment. Therefore, this search engine is a great tool that finds the blog without “no follow” tag in the comment links.

·         DoFollow driver
By using dofollow you can search over 700 blogs. It can also search those blogs which have topcommenter and commentLuv installed.

·         Radpixels DoFollow search
If you have to search feeds from “dofollow” blogs then you must go for Radpixels dofollow search. It also aims to index the posts. Through this you can get relevant posts and articles where you can try & comment to get valuable backlinks.

·         CommentHunt
If you want to find good page rank & dofollow blogs then you must surely go for CommentHunt. This helps you to generate efficient backlinks and comments for your blog.

·         Firefox add-ons & chrome extensions
No dofollow
SEOMoz Toolbar
SEO toolbar

This is all for today’s blog about “dofollow” links & “no follow” links. In next post, we will discuss that how they are important for commenting. Till then keep visiting https://www.scopidea.com/

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Banking and Financial Testing Services…!!!!!!!

Banking and Financial Testing Services…!!!!!!!
A Bank is a company provides the facility of money lending and deposit. It deals with lending and borrowing money to people. Bank provides the protection facility to the customer of their money deposits and also gives some interest on their deposits.

Bank also lends their money to the customers and various businesses to support their business and charges some rate of interest on lending money.

Bank is a financial institution which provides the financial help to the businessmen when they required more money for new projects. It is also provides the financial help to the public who want to start their new business.

A Bank is support to the world economy growth; in simple world you can say without bank support a world economy can never be grow.

Services offer by Bank:
Bank is a financial institution provide various kind of services to account holders at their specified branches these are-
·         Multi city payable cheque facility.
·         Internet banking .
·         Mobile banking .
·         Anywhere banking facility.
·         Credit card, Debit card, Visa card, ATM card facility.
·         Telephone banking facility and
·         Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) facility.

Now a day’s private bank extending their services including equity trading apart from credits card and Wealth management service.
Bank charge some extra money for these facility to their customer, and the charges facility depend on the customer relationship and their transactions.

Different types of Bank:
Bank divides in to different types on the basis of their activities such as:
·         Commercial Bank is a Non-profit organization owned by the Government, refers to the bank mostly deals with Deposits and loans from corporations or large business.

·         Co-operative Bank is Non-profit organization also called as Credit Union. In this type of Bank membership is restricted to employees of a particular company, member of a religious Union, and their immediate family.
·         Business Banking is a type of bank providing service to the mid- market business.
·         Retail Banking is also a type of bank directly dealing with small business and Individuals
·         Private Banking is a profit making organization providing wealth management facility services to high-net-worth Individuals and families.
·         Investment Banking is providing activities in the financial market. And more types of bank.

Banking and Financial Testing Services:
In highly competitive market bank need offer the advantage to exceed customers’ expectation. In order to stable loyalty and drive profitability, bank need to offer non- stop interactive banking environment to their customers’.
Banking and financial testing Services is process of testing the Quality Assurance of application that run today’s financial institutions and interconnected as firm strive to meet demand for speed, Flexibility and transparency. Mature and reliable testing tool can bring consistency and reliability to core system while achieving cost saving through fully managed or automate testing service.
These are times of quickly changing technology, Dynamic Financial industry, more competitive pressures with increasing regulatory compliance and customer demand. According to these challenges Banking and Financial Services companies need to cost effective testing solutions that provides enhanced test coverage and reduce overall testing cycle time and also minimize cost resulting in improved efficiency and quality Time-to market.

Challenges in Banking Testing Services:
Now a day’s Bank is an Omni-channel services. Some of the challenges associated with testing of banking and financial services, these are given below:
·         Usability Testing:
Usability Testing is a type of testing the customer behavior/knowledge who may lack of technical skills or financial awareness to easily perform their banking task through online or internet banking services. The Website should be tested for the simple and efficient design to make easy use for various groups of customers.
·         Performance Testing:
Performance testing is a type of testing the banking website working properly or not. Performance failure in banking websites can have a personal effect on the customers’.

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016


  In our previous posts, we discussed white box testing, black box testing and also did a comparison between them on the basis of some key terms. As far as today’s blog is concerned  we will discuss the process or you can say steps in which we can perform white box testing. But before discussing such an interesting and important topic let us take a quick look on what is a white box testing.


A White box testing is a type of testing in which we can able to test the internal structure or working of any application. It can also be defined as a testing technique,  that examines the program structure and derives test data from program code.

White box testing is also called as structural testing, clear testing or transparent testing, open box testing or logic driven testing.

Let us now discuss the main steps to implement a white box testing
First thing is to understand the functionality of the particular application by understanding its source code. And in order to understand the source code, the tester should fully aware of the programming languages like java, c etc. and also he/she should  be well versed of other tools  and techniques used in software developing.

           Design test cases as per requirements and execute them.

The general process of white box testing includes 3 key points that is:

1. Input  (Requirements)
In this phase we actually need some sorts of the requirement in order to accomplish our tasks such as Functional specification, Proper source code should be there and also, the design of the required documents should be in a detailed manner.

2. Processing unit (Analysing and internal structure)
In processing, we simply need to design the test cases as per the requirement of project or client and execute them

3. Output (Final results)
In Output phase, we have to extract the final results of the whole task.

It is actually the basic working process of white box testing which can really help a novel tester to perform white box testing easily and efficiently. Let us take a look on the below diagram regarding this basic working process of white box testing.

The term coverage has also its own importance in white box testing which really need to be discussed if you want to learn more and more about structural testing. But we will update you with that topic in our next blog.
Don’t forget to go through it. Till then study this and keep visiting our website http://www.precisetestingsolution.com/

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