Wednesday, 9 December 2015

WHITE BOX TESTING...a transparent way to test!!


            White box testing is a type a testing used in software development life cycle testing phase. White box testing also called as glass box testing, transparent box testing, and structural testing
            In white box testing, the internal structure of the product is transparent to the tester. This testing is a method of testing the application at the level of source code. The overall point of white box testing is the ability to know that which part or line of code is being executed also through white box testing we are able to find out that what should be the correct output of the product.


ü UNIT TESTING: White box testing is done during unit testing to check that whether the code is working as our requirements.

ü INTEGRATION TESTING: At this level the white box testing is done in order to test the interactions of different interfaces.

ü REGRESSION TESTING:  White box testing in this level is done to check whether the testing cause any side effect to the code or not.
            White box testing is very beneficial and one of the two great methodologies used in the testing phase of software development lifecycle (SDLC). It has many advantages and several disadvantages that need to be looked upon once.

Ø We can optimize the code easily as errors are efficiently revealed in white box testing
Ø These tests are more easily to automate
Ø White box testing does not relate to the functionality of the product.

White box testing involves test cases that are derived through the use of design techniques namely data flow testing, statement coverage, and decision coverage, path testing, and control flow testing.
            White box testing uses these above-mentioned techniques as guidelines so that it can provide us an error free environment.


White box testing is done by developers as they have deep knowledge of the programming language in which a particular product/software is designed or coded.

But if software tester also has up to mark knowledge of  that programming language in which software is designed or coded then he or she can also participate in white box testing.


There are actually 2 main steps or stages in which white box testing is performed. Let us understand these steps.

STEP1  The first and most important step of white box testing is to understand  the functionality of the application through its source code. For that case, the tester should be aware of the coding environment, programming languages and other related tools and techniques that are used for the development  of the particular product.

 In the second step, we have to create the test cases and execute them.

The above blog enables you to understand white box testing a bit. For deeper knowledge of testing, stay tuned with our very own SCOPIDEA.


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