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In previous two posts, we learn a lot about compatibility testing i.e. what actually is compatibility testing ??? How compatibility testing is performed and many more.

As we all know that in order to perform browser compatibility testing  we use several efficient too in order to make our testing more easy and accurate but we are still unaware of these tools. So in today's post, we are going to discuss various tools which are listed on top in order to perform browser compatibility testing or so-called cross browser testing.

Below is given a list of top tools which are commonly used to perform browser compatibility testing or cross browser testing. Lets's have a look.
  • SPOON BROWSER SANDBOXIf you are using spoon browser sandbox then it allows you to work with a number of web browser even without installing them on your system.

    By using this tool, you can easily access all famous browsers like  Mozilla firefox, Google chrome, opera mini and many more. Accessing browsers without even installing them also save internal memory to a great extent.  

  • BROWSER SHOTSBrowser shots are also one of the browser compatibility testing tools which are full of high features and customizable characteristics, by using this tool we can able to use various web browsers and various operating systems.

    It aims to provide various customizations when you run browser compatibility tests. Some of these customizations are flash enable/disable the setting, Screen size, Javascript status  Color depth and  many more.

    The best thing about this browser compatibility testing is that it can take screenshots of almost 61 web browsers and operating system

    A severe disadvantage of this browser compatibility testing is its delay in terms of showing results. Even sometimes it displays a message of time out error. 
  • IE TAB

    IE TAB is also a widely used browser compatibility testing tool. As this browser have an advantage that we can view that how our website is displayed on the internet and even with just one click by using Firefox or Chrome browsers.

    This advantage makes its use wide by software developers as well as by software testers.
  •  IE NetRenderer

    IE Netrenderer is a free online browser compatibility testing tool which allows us to check our website on all versions of internet explorer. You just need to put the URL of the required website by selecting the desired version of internet explorer from the drop down list.

    Microsoft super preview is also efficient and widely use browser compatibility testing tool which is available totally free online. Microsoft super preview allows us to test and debug layout and various other related issues on different browsers and platforms

    Depending upon which version is currently installed in your system, Microsoft super preview browser compatibility testing tool shows you the desired results regarding recently rendered web pages.
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