Tuesday, 29 December 2015


In our previous post of selenium testing, we discussed selenium testing briefly. But it was just an introduction about that. And the selenium is much wider in its own. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the selenium, IDE Tool.

What is Selenium IDE??
In selenium testing, selenium IDE (Selenium Integrated Development Environment) is a simple tool present in selenium suite

Selenium IDE has an inbuilt record and playback functionality that allow us to create tests very quickly, easily and efficiently.

Selenium IDE is very easy to install and use.

As selenium IDE is a Firefox plugin, it aims to support Firefox browser only. Therefore, we can execute our created test scripts on Firefox only.

Selenium IDE supports auto complete mode which allows the user to:
* Enter commands more quickly
*Restricts the user to enter invalid commands.

The most impressive thing about the Selenium IDE in selenium testing that the user need not to have any prior knowledge of programming languages. He/she just need to know a bit about HTML, java, DOMS to create a number of test scripts by using selenium IDE.

Let us talk about the installation process of selenium IDE:

# Download selenium IDE:
 Firstly you have to open MOZILLA FIREFOX BROWSER and after entering the URL: http://www.seleniumhq.org/  and after navigating through the download page.

#  Move under the IDE head and click on the present link. This link tells you about the latest version of the  selenium IDE present.

#  Also when we click on the present link a message alert is shown to the users regarding safeguard against     potential risks. You have to click on the given allow button as we are an authentic user.

#  Firefox downloads the required plugin the drop box and then an install window  appears on which you have to click the button.

# As soon as the installation completes, a pop appears which asks you to restart the firefox. After clicking on the restart now, selenium IDE installation starts.

# when this installation is completed, you can see the selenium IDE in your menu bar.

# As soon as you click on selenium IDE, Selenium IDE window appears and we become able to use this tool in selenium testing.

There are also a number of features regarding selenium IDE which we will discuss in our next post.  Please visit our main website http://www.precisetestingsolution.com/

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