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Before understanding basics of desktop application testing,  let us first define desktop application testing.
          This type of testing is used to test the desktop base applications that whether they are working according to the clients requirements or not. It aims to remove various bugs, errors, issues or failure that reduces its efficiency.

As we know that today the mobile apps are highly trendy and are widely in use. But as far as desktop applications are the concern they have their own field of interest and are always stays in fashion.

Desktop applications run on personal computers and on workstations. As far as desktop applications are concerned we can categorize them as graphical user interface(GUI), load and functionality.
Desktop application requires a need of installation testing and reason behind this is that desktop applications are used by the single user and the are therefore installed in an exe file. so for desktop application testing installation testing need is occur

There could be many types of defects present in a desktop applications they should be removed by using desktop application testing. For example:

  • There could be an incorrect shortcut icon
  • issues related to platform dependency
  • Sometimes there are many incorrect warning messages that often confuse the user continuously.
  • sometimes unauthorized users become also able to access applications.
  • sometimes a particular application is still running on the website even after uninstalling.
Things to be checklist while performing desktop application testing

Before performing any kind of testing, it is must to plan that what actually have to test. By doing such planning, one could actually become determine that what is the current scenario of the application and what should be the required test cases according to that.

So have a look on such kind of important checklist needed to care in desktop application testing.

  • Check for the required fields I mean check that if the screen requires data entry on particular field or  not
  • If the screen contains fields particularly for the date, numeric or alphabet make sure that it will accept only the respective values
  • ensure that error messages are informative and helpful for the user
    many other such GUI test cases, the desktop application tester must look upon
  • Check for broken lines
  • Installation testing
  • sleep mode
  • cache
  • Testing with multiple user accounts
  • Theme change
  • Print 
Browser compatibility testing is also a part of desktop application testing  is performed in order to ensure compatibility of the system/product/software on various browsers. Compatibility testing reduces the chances of the sudden collapse of any application when they used on various browsers.


Performance testing is used to test that whether the application is required to perform well under severe conditions or not like:
  • Long period of continuous use
  • Memory. and various other issues.

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