Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Mobile Application Testing: Strategy for Development

There are a huge number of demands and lots of competitions in the mobile application industries. In that demands and competitions, the mobile application testing has become more important. The testing phase of the mobile application testing looks like evil between the creative process and excitement of new products in the market.
According to the survey, “In US, on an average 2-3 hours per day people spends their time on smartphones and tablets. On that time, they spent 80% on mobile application and remaining 20% on web applications.”
Few list of key factors for successful mobile application testing strategies are:
  • Selection of Device for Testing:

Before introducing the mobile application test activities, first select the devices for testing the application. Selection decision is very important because only devices can help to targets maximum numbers of the customers for accessing the application.
There are two parts for device selection:
§  Device Model
§  Emulators and Physical Device.
Device Model:
For device selection, following factors should be considered:
1.    The application should be OS compatible for the device, so the application test should be completed perfectly.
2.    As per different mobile devices, screen resolution and screen size also changes. So, for different resolution and size of the screen use mix testing for mobile application.
3.    The action of the mobile application is different for smartphones and tablets. So, testing on the mobile application should consider for all compatible devices.
Emulators and Physical Devices:
There are two devices are helpful for testing the mobile applications are emulators and physical devices. At initial level of developing, emulators are more effective for testing. It tests the functionality and features of the mobile applications.
Physical devices are also important on the real-life scenarios base application. With the help of the emulators and physical devices, the mobile application testing is completed quickly, more efficient and provides best results.
  • Beta Testing:

The best effective method in the mobile application testing is Beta Testing. Beta testing provides real-world testers, actual networks and latest devices for testing the mobile applications.
There are multiple factors for testing the mobile applications are:
a.     Network Density
b.    Application behavior on different devices
c.     Users interaction towards mobile applications
d.    Different network devices
  • Cloud helps for testing:

The Mobile application testing can be tested through the cloud. Cloud testing can deploy, test and modify the application through web-based services.
Cloud testing provides various mobile testing to minimize the cost of the mobile application testing and also helps to increase the ROI of the mobile applications.
  • Automation testing:

The testing procedure in automation testing is highly effective for the mobile application testing. The automation testing repeats the regression testing and development stages. Automation testing should be completed in few scenarios, when:
                                  i.            the life-cycle of the application is long,
                               ii.            Regression testing has high frequency and scale.

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