Tuesday, 3 November 2015

How inspection is related to software testing?

When trained individuals evaluate the work for the defect using pre- defined process is known as inspection in software testing. The purpose of this review  is to maintain the quality standards,   enhance  the performance.                                                                                                                                                                                 The work is used in the project only when all the inspectors approved it. The following two comes under the inspection;
1. Software requirements specifications and
2. Test Plans.

In what way the inspection in software testing takes place?
The solution to this question, I would like to provide as firstly, a product is chosen for review then an inspection team is formed for completing the task. The meeting is moderated by the moderator. Each member of the team goes through the work product separately and note down each defect.

  In the process, incomplete work is not included for inspection.
The inspection process must be completed in the following stages:

1. Plan: It includes the comparison of data quality with the pre-defined standard. This plan is made by the moderator must contain the following  sub-stages:

(a) Header- mentions the criteria for entry   and set the limits for success.

(b) Meeting-Form the layout of plans for all the meeting.

(c)Document-It contains the part of the document under the process of inspection with  any other document that will act as the reference for the comparison.

(d) Participants –Brings the list of all the team members included in the inspection process.

(e) Doing an estimation: a budget approximation is made for  all the work.

(f) The inspectors keep the  record of the work completed.

2. Overview: It is the duty of the author to provide details of the work product like an overview, i.e. going through the surface of the work product.

3. Finding defects: Defects are noted by each inspector while they go through the entire work product.

4. A meeting between the reader and the inspector: As the reader reads the work product, the inspector makes aware of the defect in front part-by-part.

5. Improving the defectsThe author do rework on the product to remove all the defects counted by the inspector.

6.  The changes made by the author are checked to ensure that everything is correct.

Moderator closes the process when certain exit criteria are satisfied by it. A software project gets success only when it has gone through the inspection process.

Types of inspection:

1. Code review: This type of inspection is done to inspect a sample of code and fixes any defect in it.

Now the question arises, what is the defect in code review?

This defect can be in a module i.e. in a block of codes which is not functioning as required by the programmer and which is not incorrect but can be improved to make it more readable more understandable and easy.

The code review has dual advantage firstly for cross programmers on the code being reviewed and secondly it gives new techniques of programming to junior developers.

2. Peer Reviews: In this author examines the work product which may be a document, code, or other in order to make assessment  of its quality and technically fit content.                                                         

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