Tuesday, 20 October 2015

What is Software Compatibility Testing?

Software Compatibility Testing: Today computer has become an integral part of our lives. A large number of applications have been built to help the people to gather information and to remove doubts in the field of music, career related doubts, many others. Online purchasing has now become a common practice now –a-days. The seller has to take care of the sold product, that it should not be defective otherwise it declines the company products/service with reputation.
Therefore, for gaining the reputation, it is necessary that the application must go through the process of quality, compatibility, reliability and delivery.

What is Software Compatibility Testing?
Software Compatibility Testing is a type of non-functional testing done for the checking the software proficiency under all the types of browsers, hardware, database, operating systems, mobile devices, different versions, resolutions, internet speeds and configurations etc.  Software Compatibility testing must be done by considering the real based examples.
Types of software compatibility testing
Software compatibility testing is done to check the compatibility of software on:
1. Browsers.
2. Hardware.
3. Network.
4. To check compatibility under mobile devices.
5. Operating Systems compatibility.
6. Check software compatibility on different versions.

Browsers Compatibility tests
As the name indicates, it is done to check whether the application /software is able to run on different browsers such as chrome, internet explorer, Firefox, safari, opera and various others.
Common Testing defects are:
  • User Interface (UI) changes.
  • Font Size change.
  • Issues related to alignment.
  • CSS style and color changes.
  •  Issues related to scroll bar
  • Overlapping of contents or labels,

Hardware Compatibility Tests
The software/application/site is test under different configurations of hardware.

Network Compatibility Tests
This is done to see that the software is running on the 3G, wifi networks smoothly.

Mobile Devices
How the software responds to android, ios devices?

Operating Systems
How the software behaves for windows, Linux, Max etc.?
How the compatibility testing is done?
The compatibility testing includes:
1. Test the application in the different versions of the same browser: Suppose the site precisetestingsolution.com is to be tested. Then download the different versions of chrome and install them one by one and then test the site on each version. If site behavior is same in all the versions, this means it is compatible with chrome.

2. Do the application/software/site testing under different browsers of different versions: Do the testing of precisetestingsolution.com on the different available browsers such as Firefox, opera, etc. and note the site behaviour. If it is same under all then the site is compatible and is ready to release.

The software that fulfills the Software Compatibility Testing parameters increases its chance of running in real world.

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