Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Specification of Mainframe Testing

In today’s life, many companies required mainframe testing as most important role in regular operations. First of all we discuss about mainframe. A computer system work with high performance called Mainframe Computer System. Mainframe process has two forms: Batch Processing and Online Transaction Processing. Mainframe systems have more flexibility, usability, safety and stability.

Speciality of Mainframe computers:
·       Mainframe computer has large numbers of CPUs which provide great processing power.
·       Due to presence of large number of CPUs, Mainframe requires huge amount of data for communication and large amount of memory (more than 8 GB) for storing of records.
·       In mainframe system, workloads are shared with different processes included with input and output devices. Due to sharing workload, the performance of the mainframe increases.
·       The most important speciality of Mainframe computer system is to run on multiple operating systems. By this, it is not acting like a single computer but acts like multiple virtual machines.

Client-server application testing and Mainframe testing are identical but Mainframe testing is less friendly with the human. Production of data is not easy in this testing. Black-box testing included in this testing.

The challenges of Mainframe testing: -

·       In this testing, client data do not have any privacy between IT merchants and third party developers. During testing, client data exposes sensitive information through that business risk increases.
·       In this testing, non-proper and huge amount of data increases the cost of testing.
·       Due to the presence of poor quality of data the cost of testing and risk of business also increases.

Tester should know operation on basic TSO (Time Sharing Option) and ISPF (Interactive System Productivity Facility) commands, use of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) protocols, and quality assurance testing on mainframe applications. Mainframe testing is supported by QTP (Quick Test Professional) because QTP have TE (Terminal Emulators).

Benefits of Mainframe testing:-
§  In this testing, it reduces the replication of the work.
§  Also reduce the cost of quality of the products.
There exists various numbers of tools for mainframe testing are:
Ø Test Director,
Ø Load runner, etc.
Mainframe testing having various kind of testing:
Ø Volume testing,
Ø Regression Testing,
Ø Performance Testing, etc.

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