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Selenium testing is done for web based application. Selenium testing uses software called Selenium has an attached tool to record or to have a play back for testing without learning scripting language called SELENIUM   IDE. With the use of Selenese (a test domain specific language), one can write test in programming languages such as Java, C#, Groovy, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby so that the test can be performed on the currently using(modern ) web browsers. Selenium can be installed on 
Windows, Linux and Macintosh platforms.

Components of Selenium

1. Selenium IDE: Selenium IDE stands for integrated development environment (IDE) for selenium tests. It is installed as a Firefox add-on and allows all the tests to do recording, editing, and debugging. The old name of it was Selenium Recorder. The founder of Selenium-IDE is Shinya Kasatani
Has the ability of recording automatically which can be edited manually. Selenium IDE is used for recording the script.
2. Selenium client API: Programming languages such as Java, C#, Ruby, Python acts as an alternative to write tests in Selenese.

3. Selenium Remote Control is a JAVA written server .Automated tests for a web application can be written in any programming language using RC.

4. Selenium WebDriver: Selenium RC is comes before Selenium WebDriver. The work of it is to receive commands (from Selenium using client API) and send them to a browser. WebDriver is associated with a facility of starting browser on its own, no need to have a special server as it is needed in Selenium 1 to run the test.

Many different browsers get an interface by Selenium 1 whereas developers can create or develop their Domain Specific Language using Selenium2. An example of already existing DSL is Watir project in Ruby language.

5. Selenium Grid: Selenium Grid is developed for running browsers on remote machines. It makes one of the servers as hub, to whom, test contact for accessing browser instances. With the help of selenium grid, it is possible to run selenium test on different remote machines parallel. This results in distributing the load across different machines.

  Scope of Selenium Testing: Today Selenium Testing is being used widely. It is the first choice of automated testers   for testing web based applications.                  

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