Wednesday, 23 September 2015

What is the difference between blog post,press release and an article ?

I often get asked, “What is the difference between blog post , press release and an article ?”

Well I am here to breakdown the difference for you.

Blog: Conversational tone is used in blog –just like we talk to someone. Feedbacks, readers own comments and questions that are necessary to have conversations are allowed in blog. This builds up a relationship between organization and readers, which increases sales.

Blog need not be long or just text, can be short or can include videos, drawings. Blogs are usually 200-500 words in length.
A professional blog (related to an organization) serves two objectives:

1. A spotlighted for business-company culture, values products and services get online attention.

2. A superstar for SEO-A good quality professional blog can play the role of superstar for marketing over the social media, increases backlinks and maximize SEO activities for organization’s website promotion. Readers besides commenting on the blog article can share it on the various social platforms. This stimulates online interaction, raising the website ranking through search engine.
Blog must be original, written in a professional manner, containing compelling content less about sales and having more useful content, published regularly will bring readers to your organization.

Press Release: They are written in a standard format containing a title, a sub head, a quote, the body and the boilerplate (a summary of an organization) and are formal. It is mostly written to journalists giving some information such as business announcements, giving information about its new products or about an upcoming event.
Press Release contains following topics:

·        Discount Promotion
·        Seasonal Special
·        Organizational milestones
·        A new website and advertising campaign
·        Charitable events

They are more formal than blogs providing highlights and maximize SEO.
Press release can be urgent or embargo, that is sender can request for publishing press release after a specified date.
It can be written or recorded communication for the news media for announcing something newsworthy.

As per SEO:

·        Titles of press release should be no more than 70 characters in length.
·        Don’t submit press release over 1000 words in length.

Article: Article offers more information than blog posts. They provide thoroughly researched and detailed information, more accurate and informative.  They can be in more formal or professional tone. As an illustration, an article written about a car accident statistics uses a tone that conveys seriousness of the subject.  Article written about losing a family member in car accident will assume sympathetic tone that emotionally connects to the reader.

As someone rightly said, Blogs are useful for immediate satisfying of an urge to communicate, whereas full articles on are better for the traffic that is more enduring.

Articles can be anywhere between 500-2000 (or more ) words, but it should not be so lengthy so that readers get bore. 

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