Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Want to know about Mobile Application Testing? Came to right place

What is Mobile Application Testing?

Mobile Application Testing is a phenomenon of testing functionality, usability and consistency of application software designed for mobiles. It is done in two ways: Automated and Manually.

When you buy a new mobile, various applications came pre-installed and some you install as per your need from mobile software distribution platforms such as Google Play, Nokia Store etc. In the recent years, mobile devices had shown a rapid growth rate

Factors that give an open challenge to Mobile application Testing:

1. Mobile devices models: Different models have different hardware configurations, input methods (some are QWERTY, some are touch while others are normal).

2. Several different operating systems (OS): Market  is full of availability of different operating  systems  ( Android, IOS, BREW, BREWMP, Symbian, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry (RIM)).Each operating system is unique in itself, thus providing a challenge to a tester  as he has to test various devices running on a same OS.

3. Operators providing Mobile Networks

Common use mobile networks are: GSM, CDMA
                                                                                                                                                                    Rarely used mobile networks are:  FOMA, TD-SCDMA

4. Scripting:  Different mobile devices differs in keystrokes, display therefore, a single script is not sufficient for every device.

5. Testing is done in two ways: manually and through software, thus it is a challenge for tester which method will be appropriate.

Kinds of Mobile Application Testing:

1. Functional Testing: The purpose of it is to ensure that the application is functioning properly.
2. Laboratory Testing: This is done by creating artificial conditions in order to know whether mobile or carrier networks work properly or it fails suddenly.
3. Performance Testing: as name indicates, the performance is checked under conditions such as low battery, low memory. Performance testing is done to check the effect from the side of both: application server side and client side.
4. Testing of memory leakage: When allocated memory is not managed by computer and its performance slows down, this is called memory leakage.

TOOLs for Mobile Testing:

For Android and IOS:
1. Testmunk
2. Appium
3. Calabash
4. Testdroid
5. Keynote Mobile Testing 
6. SOASTA TouchTest 
7.  Testin 
9. Crashlytics 
10. Ranorex 
11. Experitest 
12. Remote TestKit 
13. Test Fairy 
14. EggPlant 
15. Perfecto Mobile 
16. TestObject 

For Android
1. Android Lint 
2. Find Bugs 
3. Maveryx 
4. Monkop 

For iPhone
1. Clang Static Analyzer 
2. Analyze code from XCode 

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