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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Security Testing

Security testing is a process of testing any software authenticity that is it is done to check whether any software is secured from any unauthorized attack or not.
Precise testing solutions contains certified security software tester. We follow all rules provided by standard organization like Open Web Application security Project (OWASP) and Web Application Security Consortium (WASC).

Software Security Testing:

Software security testing deals with protection of data by Information System (IS) and maintains its function as deliberated. The six basic security concepts that need to be covered by security testing are:
Confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, authorization, availability and  non-repudiation.

Terms That Are Common in Security Testing

Vulnerability Scan:

This helps in determining known security issues using automated tools in order to match with known vulnerabilities. Tool automatically set risk level without manual interference by test vendor.

Vulnerability Assessment:

In order to identify security vulnerabilities, it uses vulnerabilities scanning and places the vulnerabilities according to their level under the test.

Security Assessment:  

It builds upon vulnerability assessment by adding manual verification to conform exposure but does not include exploitation of vulnerabilities to gain further access. This verification could be by making an authorized access to the system to confirm system settings and have an eye on logs, system responses, error messages codes etc. A security assessment looks in to the large area of the system under test but not the depth exposure as specific vulnerability does.

Penetration test:

This test is done by replicate a malicious party attack. This provides information about ability of an attacker to gain access to confidential information. This approach deals in attack detail in larger sense as compared to Security Assessment.

Vulnerability/Risk Management:

For planning and conducting Security Testing, this is the first step to be taken. This process identifies vulnerabilities inside the system or application. Vulnerability analysis helps in forecasting effectiveness of proposed countermeasures after they are put into use.
Security testing is important in today’s world which cannot be ignored by one .The various new tools are being invented day by day, one has to be careful in choosing them based on application or system nature.

1. Babel Enterprise.
2. BFB Tester - Brute Force Binary Tester
3. Brakeman
4. Cross
5. Flawfinder
6. Gendarme
7. HCE.
8. HCE - HTML Comment Extractor / Parser.
9. Knock Subdomain Scan.
10. Metasploit.
11. Nessus.
12. Nikto.
13. Nsiqcppstyle.
14. Oedipus.
15. OSSTMM - Open Source Security Testing Methodology     Manual.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Want to know about Mobile Application Testing? Came to right place

What is Mobile Application Testing?

Mobile Application Testing is a phenomenon of testing functionality, usability and consistency of application software designed for mobiles. It is done in two ways: Automated and Manually.

When you buy a new mobile, various applications came pre-installed and some you install as per your need from mobile software distribution platforms such as Google Play, Nokia Store etc. In the recent years, mobile devices had shown a rapid growth rate

Factors that give an open challenge to Mobile application Testing:

1. Mobile devices models: Different models have different hardware configurations, input methods (some are QWERTY, some are touch while others are normal).

2. Several different operating systems (OS): Market  is full of availability of different operating  systems  ( Android, IOS, BREW, BREWMP, Symbian, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry (RIM)).Each operating system is unique in itself, thus providing a challenge to a tester  as he has to test various devices running on a same OS.

3. Operators providing Mobile Networks

Common use mobile networks are: GSM, CDMA
                                                                                                                                                                    Rarely used mobile networks are:  FOMA, TD-SCDMA

4. Scripting:  Different mobile devices differs in keystrokes, display therefore, a single script is not sufficient for every device.

5. Testing is done in two ways: manually and through software, thus it is a challenge for tester which method will be appropriate.

Kinds of Mobile Application Testing:

1. Functional Testing: The purpose of it is to ensure that the application is functioning properly.
2. Laboratory Testing: This is done by creating artificial conditions in order to know whether mobile or carrier networks work properly or it fails suddenly.
3. Performance Testing: as name indicates, the performance is checked under conditions such as low battery, low memory. Performance testing is done to check the effect from the side of both: application server side and client side.
4. Testing of memory leakage: When allocated memory is not managed by computer and its performance slows down, this is called memory leakage.

TOOLs for Mobile Testing:

For Android and IOS:
1. Testmunk
2. Appium
3. Calabash
4. Testdroid
5. Keynote Mobile Testing 
6. SOASTA TouchTest 
7.  Testin 
9. Crashlytics 
10. Ranorex 
11. Experitest 
12. Remote TestKit 
13. Test Fairy 
14. EggPlant 
15. Perfecto Mobile 
16. TestObject 

For Android
1. Android Lint 
2. Find Bugs 
3. Maveryx 
4. Monkop 

For iPhone
1. Clang Static Analyzer 
2. Analyze code from XCode 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

What is the difference between blog post,press release and an article ?

I often get asked, “What is the difference between blog post , press release and an article ?”

Well I am here to breakdown the difference for you.

Blog: Conversational tone is used in blog –just like we talk to someone. Feedbacks, readers own comments and questions that are necessary to have conversations are allowed in blog. This builds up a relationship between organization and readers, which increases sales.

Blog need not be long or just text, can be short or can include videos, drawings. Blogs are usually 200-500 words in length.
A professional blog (related to an organization) serves two objectives:

1. A spotlighted for business-company culture, values products and services get online attention.

2. A superstar for SEO-A good quality professional blog can play the role of superstar for marketing over the social media, increases backlinks and maximize SEO activities for organization’s website promotion. Readers besides commenting on the blog article can share it on the various social platforms. This stimulates online interaction, raising the website ranking through search engine.
Blog must be original, written in a professional manner, containing compelling content less about sales and having more useful content, published regularly will bring readers to your organization.

Press Release: They are written in a standard format containing a title, a sub head, a quote, the body and the boilerplate (a summary of an organization) and are formal. It is mostly written to journalists giving some information such as business announcements, giving information about its new products or about an upcoming event.
Press Release contains following topics:

·        Discount Promotion
·        Seasonal Special
·        Organizational milestones
·        A new website and advertising campaign
·        Charitable events

They are more formal than blogs providing highlights and maximize SEO.
Press release can be urgent or embargo, that is sender can request for publishing press release after a specified date.
It can be written or recorded communication for the news media for announcing something newsworthy.

As per SEO:

·        Titles of press release should be no more than 70 characters in length.
·        Don’t submit press release over 1000 words in length.

Article: Article offers more information than blog posts. They provide thoroughly researched and detailed information, more accurate and informative.  They can be in more formal or professional tone. As an illustration, an article written about a car accident statistics uses a tone that conveys seriousness of the subject.  Article written about losing a family member in car accident will assume sympathetic tone that emotionally connects to the reader.

As someone rightly said, Blogs are useful for immediate satisfying of an urge to communicate, whereas full articles on are better for the traffic that is more enduring.

Articles can be anywhere between 500-2000 (or more ) words, but it should not be so lengthy so that readers get bore. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Interlinking of Blog Post and Its importance

Doing SEO in 2015 is not easy. Various ON and OFF strategies are to be made for getting higher rank in search engines.

Any mistake will lead to decline of rank. Interlinking of blogs plays a vital role in increasing blog traffic.  
Interlinking refers to link one own page with another with in a website
To bring rank to every single page of your blog by search engine then they must find every single page. Software programs called “spiders” or “bots” are run by search engines that trawl about the web following links and ”indexing” all content of web pages.
If all pages are properly linked then it is easy for them to index every single page of your blog.
Firstly I would like to introduce benefits of interlinking.

1. Indexing becomes easy: linking blogs properly leads to indexing of blog posts quickly. More pages as well as more blog posts will be trawled by bots which will increase blog keyword’s ranking.
Most of social media and content marketing experts recommended that blog interlinking is good SEO technique.

2. Readers will view your blogs more and more: Readers are interested in viewing those blogs which provide them more and accurate information. If all the related posts are interlinked by you, then readers will get all the information which they require at one place. When time spends by reader at your blog will be more, your blog views will increase definitely.

3. Bounce rate will becomes better: Lower the bounce rate (the number of visits in which a person leaves your website without browsing further) higher the rank. If blogposts are properly interlinked regularly then bounce rate will keep reducing. Lower bounce rate may improve your blog’s Alexa ranking.

I think after discussing the benefits you will give more importance to interlinking.
May be interested in knowing how to interlink properly, that is, perfect interlinking strategies. 

Tips to follow to interlink your blog posts properly

As like spider’s web, each article must link with other articles in your blog.

1. Spread out the links throughout the entire blog posts:
You should not give links only in one or two paragraphs but spreads over the entire blog.

2. Interlink your blogposts to videos, or to a particular category: This might be a better option than to interlink to particular blog post.
If you link to a particular category, than you are allowing the readers to go through all the blogposts written under that category, thus increasing rank in the search engine and get good result for your products/website.

3. Right Anchor Text must be used: Anchor Text is one from which older blog of yours are interlinked.  Right Anchor Text will bring better rank for your targeted keywords. The anchor text must include your targeted keywords as like SEOs anchor text includes their keywords. Importance to Anchor text is given by SEOs experts while interlinking their blogs; this may be one of the reasons why they achieve best rankings for different keywords.
Anchor text must not always be long otherwise reader will be disappointed.                

Thursday, 3 September 2015

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