Friday, 17 July 2015

Purpose of Security Testing in IT Industries

What is security testing?
Security testing is process to check that an information system assists data and maintains functionality. Security testing is basically to check the application data is secured or not.
Checking whether there is any data leak. Find out all the possible ambiguities and weaknesses of system.

Purpose of security testing
  1. Basic function of security testing is to describe the exposures and afterwards repairing them.
  2. Security testing services in improving the organization and also helps in securing that the system will work for longer time.
  3.  Security test helps in checking loopholes that can affect loss of important data. 

 Six basic security concepts
  1. Confidentiality-controlling data is approachable only for those who authorized access and to keep data theft.
  2.  Integrity-A measuring out intends to allow to receiver to decide that the data which it is allowing for is correct.
  3. Authentication-the process of building the identity of the user.
  4. Authorization-A requester is allowed for to receive a data an operation.
  5. Availabilty-controlling information and services will be ready for use when required.
  6. Non-Repudiation- A amount prevent the afterward defense that an activity happen, or communicate and passed etc.
Security testing tools
These are some security testing tools available for web applications.
  1. Nessus
  2. Nikto
  3. Gendarme
  4. Flawnfinder
  5. Brakeman
  6. CROSS (Codenomicon Robust Open Source Software) etc. 
Security testing is most significant testing for an application program and assure whether secret data stays confidential.
In security testing tester have to test all activity against security of the application to find security related bugs. In IT industry security testing is very important part, whereas to protect all important data.


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