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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Remote Team by Online Project Management Tool For Your Small Business

There are many Project Management Software. For Free!
If you are getting trouble to  communicating with your remote team and your remote team misunderstands your project’s milestones and even objective? It never feels good to have these conflicts while bearing the stress of getting project done, but you can actually eliminate these issues by using the online project management tool or defect management tools.

Here, we decided to introduce you 10 online project management software that provides tons of useful features for you such task setting and sharing, real-time updates, file sharing and even online wiki. Now you only have to login on the web to access all-in-one project management system!

1. Scopidea
It helps to collaborators through its time saving and easy-to-use  features. Project leaders can set fifteen plus for the team, add team members, assign tasks and get notified via e-mail for updates on the project. Also when replying or posting a comment, you need to log in the system, you can reply and post comments via e-mail.
With scopidea, team leaders can provide real-time updates to their contractors/clients by giving them access to the system itself. I’ve personally used this and I’ve seen that it is pretty flexible on giving users permission on what features to use.
In this tools we can do file sharing, time tracking, invoicing, project management, and notifications, all in one place: in your web server.

2. Assembla
Assembla has a ticketing system where teams  remote places are given tasks via tickets. It is such a one of those online forums where people talk about things, only here, the project leader is the one who controls most of the game. Assembla encourages its users to actually read and follow instructions.

3. Basecamp
Created by signals, Many of the companies which believes that less is more, Basecamp focuses on communication between users to achieve optimum performance. You can sending e-mail to several people, users can post directly to Basecamp and let people engaged in the post, eliminating messy e-mail threads on everybody’s inbox.

For uploaded images, users get to preview it first before downloading the file.

4. Central Desktop
This is likely any online project management software, using Central Desktop will enable you to work anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. It is a good thing to have a cloud-based platform, work proficiency, eliminating clutter on your client.
Users can get instant time tracker, real-time web conference , instant messenger, instant document editing etc..

5. Confluence
For those users who are using wiki then Confluence will be easy for you to use. Although it is not your usual wiki, it still incorporates many similar features like content creation for all users, intelligent search, discussion and many more. File sharing is made via drag and drop. Confluence more focused on documentation and information sharing. For big projects, proper documentation is definitely the key to a more organized execution of things.

6. Kapost
Kapost is a publishing management software perfect for bloggers and writers in collaboration. It is a virtual news room where users can present a concept and have it approved by an editor. There are three types of users here, the editors, contributors, and subscribers. Editors can approve, assign, and reject ideas to contributors.

The thing about Kapost is that it makes its users focus more on the concepts, increasing the quality of content. It’s like a real news room where people brainstorm together.

7. Trello
Trello method called Kanban, a project management system developed by a former Toyota vice president, Taiichi Ohno, which allows users to move cards, and representative of tasks where to create a visual representation of where a project is in development.

8. Teambox
By the ease of use of Teambox actually solves inbox message issues means that, telling you which conversation to look at, which to prioritize, etc. The interesting terms is here  that users can post status updates, just like Facebook, except that they are telling project members about their progress. Unlike other systems, Teambox is probably one of the few software out there that won’t make you go searching for the help file because things are so simple and easy to understand intuitively.

9. TeamLab
TeamLab is a free management platform for small to medium-sized companies. Based on social network within your company. You can create blog posts that the entire company can see, it’s a social friendly features like company-wide announcements so that no one will be left behind, polls to gather public opinion, and many others.

10. Time Doctor
Its main features include an optional screenshot monitoring for remote employees automatic generation of daily reports, keeping track of what websites and applications are used and many more features.

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