Sunday, 8 February 2015

Tips for Increase Speed Of Usability Testing Processes

It’s a method by which the users of a product are asked to perform the certain tasks in an effort for measure the product's ease of use, task-time, & user's perception of experience.  Most of released-software, apps & other products are constantly developing & changing. This means that they‘ve to be tested at usability constantly as-well. In the rapidly developing companies usability-testing is a one of those steps which often missed the mostly due to lack of the time. This is considered to be a stiff, long or slow-process, & data you get can be received in the easier ways. But in, the reality with a right channel of the implementation usability-testing wouldn’t slow release of the product.

Here are few tips to make usability-testing process effective & fast:
Use the remote usability testing
As its necessary for test the serious product with customers all of over the world and fastest paths to do it is the remote testing. Setting-up & coordination of in person usability-testing takes much more time & money than doing the remote-testing.

Have an instant-access for the customers
For fasten process of the testing you should’ve a database of all testers who use the software. It’s also necessary to know which the features they use most often. Most of dedicated users are always eager for help, & notifying them in advance is a guarantee that they’ll find an hour to test.

Create & maintain a “research page” to each product
Such-documents that records & contain the product use the cases, outcomes of the previous testing are useful when it’s necessary to do a usability-testing. The crucial thing is to maintain’s these pages always up-to-date.

Whole team should be present during the rounds-testing
A opinions of all team members value when it comes for usability-testing, so make sure that the product managers, developers or designers all gather in room to observe, ask the questions, share their opinions. This helps to get immediate the conclusions & make the decisions.

Bind up & make a plan correct after testing
It is recommended for hold the meeting after testing-sessions & discusses about detected the bugs, observations & issues. This is makes possible for work-out a plan, assign the tasks for the team members or start the working on them immediately.

Make the outcomes of the testing available for the entire company

By all team was present during testing, it’s also necessary to share obtained outcomes with company. You can create’s an internal resource & post there all findings, key-problems and videos. It’s a good summary to the day of test, available to everyone in company. 

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