Tuesday, 10 February 2015

IOS And Android Automation Tools

It is a mobile OS developed by-Apple. This was originally named iPhone-OS, but was renamed for IOS in June-2009. IOS currently executes on iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. These’re tools any iPhone app development company may find useful.

Appium (iOS/Android)
It is a spectacular open source tool used for the automation of native or web as-well-as hybrid applications. It mean of that it’s good for automation of applications written on original Android and iOS SDKs, web-applications that are accessible through a mobile browser & applications that’re the wrapped around the ‘web view’ the native control features which enables various interactions with the web contents.

Calabash (iOS/Android)
It is an acceptance testing automation-framework. It might be compared with a famous Selenium-Web-Driver. Every tester has to realize difference between testing the application on a desktop machine & on a touchscreen devise. Specifically when dealing with native app. 

Monkey-Talk (iOS/Android)
It can automate all the possible real or functional interactive-tests. Everything-from little “Smoke-Tests” for the tough data driven test suits. It doesn’t real device or simulation tests with native or hybrid as-well-as mobile apps. And, now with the Monkey Talk Professional Edition, the mobile test-automation has never been-easier.

IOS UI Automation (for iOS) 
It one is an instrument. One you can use to automating your user interface-tests by some written test scripts. In this path you maximize the productivity, or minimize the procedural errors, & shorten the amount time needed for develop the product updates.

Robotium (Android) 
The great tool for either native or hybrid applications. It makes black-box-testing fairly easier. With this test case developers are free for write the function or system as-well-as user acceptance test-scenarios.

IOS Driver (iOS) 
It is capable of complete integration with Selenium-grid. Thus you’ll have the possibility of re-using the already existing web automation-infrastructure. It also includes the helper as-well-as the utility-cases.

UI Automator (Android)
It is UI Automation-framework and it allows you for test your UI by creation of the automated functional test-cases. They’ll be able of executing against your application on single and multiple-devices.

KeepItFunctional (iOS)
It is an integration test frame work. It is building or performing the cases with the standard XCTest testing targets. This allows to easy automation of the iOS applications through leveraging the accessibility of attributes that the Operating System makes available for those with the visual disabilities.

Selendroid (Android)
This is but one more test-automation frame work. This is driven of UI of both native & hybrid applications as-well-as mobile web. It can be used on emulators & real devices & can be integrated as a node into Selenium-Grid for scaling & parallel-testing.

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