Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Cross browser testing Tools

Cross Browser testing
It is a process to test the web apps across multiple browsers. It involves the checking compatibility of the app across multiple web browsers & ensures that your web app’s works correctly across different web browsers.

Tools for Cross Browser Testing

Browser shots:
The browser shots might be most exhaustive cross browser-testing tool that exists. Browser Shots includes all of most popular-browsers, like Firefox, Chrome, & Safari, along with the tons of another browser’s that might sound unfamiliar, like Sea Monkey, Flock, & Iceape. You can adjust the resolution, color-settings, & even Flash and JavaScript settings.

Cross Browser Testing:
It allows users to test their websites with over the hundred resolution or browser and Operating System combinations. This also has support to mobile web-browsers, which is crucial because the web traffic is making shift from the primarily desktop computer users to primarily mobile users in future. You can obtain screenshots and do the live testing of the website. It allows elements like Flash, JavaScript, JQuery, and AJAX to be tested. 

Sauce Labs:
It offers a rather unique cross browser-testing experience. It is nice because, if you want to view error that you had in the browser again, all you needs to do is replay a video as opposed for opening up live test interface again.

Super Preview:
The free users do have access for more browsers by a cloud but only for sixty days. Other browsers that’re in cloud include Firefox, Safari, & Chrome versions. A super preview allows users for both live test & side-by-side test their website in the different browsers.

It not only allows you for check the display of the website in different browsers, this also allows you to create the reports of this information’s that you can keep on record and share with the project partners. Unfortunately, free version only allows the users to use two browsers, IE7 or Firefox, & conduct the fifty tests each month.

IE can be tricky. The older versions don’t support the HTML-5 and certain CSS components, amongst the other things. If you want the website for display well on all of the versions of IE, it is going to take work. The IE tester makes it easier to you. You can test on IE versions 5.5 by ten using a Windows XP by Windows-8. It is completely free & eases to use.

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