Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tips for Agile Testing

Agile Testing
This is a software-testing practice that follows principles of the agile-software-development.
Tips to agile testing

  •  Integrates testers in development team:

The teams are responsible's for delivering software's meets expected needs & quality. However’, if we want the teams to tests software, we must give them-the knowledge to do-it rights. Testers've that the knowledge. Through integrating the testers into development-teams, teams obtain skills they needs for test their software's.
  • Use risk based testing
In the agile project all of the activities are the time boxed, so you’ve to make the choices about how richly you want to tests each feature’s. We use the risk based approaches to determine which the test processes we’re going to carry-out for a feature during iteration. Risk level of the every feature is determined through customer & the teams. It’s a very transparent activity, so customer knows exactly which test processes are executed to every feature.
  • Have the testers re-view the unit tests
In organization, developers are responsible to creating & maintaining unit tests. The unit tests are very vital part of the test harness. The developers often’ve a different channel of the thinking; for instance, they tend to test only success-scenarios.
To create unit-tests that are as-good-as possible, the testers re-view unit tests for all the high risk items. Review has the two advantages; first of that, the unit-tests are improved because testers & developers supplement to each other; developer knows where weak areas in source are, & tester can use his knowledge’s of the testing to give tips for improve the unit tests. Second one is that; testers know exactly which the test-cases are executed in unit-tests & that can concentrate on executing the other test-cases.
  • Creates test automations framework
The automated testing is very vital, because the new features & refactoring can introduce the problems can-be difficult for find. Through using the automated test frameworks, we can maintain the quality of levels during iteration. Testers are able to create the new tests easily & quickly in framework. We’ve a dedicated the test engineer that maintains or optimizes test automations frameworks, re-views new automated test of testers or analyzes daily test outcomes. The testers in teams can spend the more time creating & extending the automated tests.

  • Add the test scrums
When you’ve project like ours where the testers're distributed across the many teams, communications becomes more-difficult. For solving this problem, we use the test scrum to align the test processes. Test scrum is a-scrum like daily team scrum but focused on the test processes. A test-manager is the Scrum-Master of test-scrum.

Advantages’ of the agile:
  • Customer’s satisfaction through rapid, continuous-delivery of the useful software’s:
  •  The people or interactions are emphasized rather than the activity or tools. Developers, Customers or testers-constantly interact with each other’s
  • The working software is delivered frequently
  • Even; the late changes in the requirements are most welcomed
  • Regularly attention’s for technical excellence or good design
  • Daily adaptations for changing the situations

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