Monday, 26 January 2015

Steps to Software Process Management and ALM Tools

Define the roles & tasks of the team members:

To productivity, roles of the team members should be defined-clearly. These roles might be the project manager, developer, team lead, tester and etc. Furthermore authorizations or responsibilities of these roles; should be defined very-clearly. A task assignment based development should also be applied to avoiding the redundant effords & anarchy.

Define the meeting types:
The meetings are very vital if we’re talking about software- process management & should be defined in details. The team member's should also obey the meeting-rules. It will bring more productive meeting & development-process, & will avoid the losing time un-necessarily.

Defines the documentation strategies:
Every single software- process has the documentation’s strategy, even agile and extreme methods. These documentation-types should be defined clearly (document standard sections, physical properties, version numbering document-update-period and etc.) understandability, for-consistency & more effective-software production.

Define the software quality metrics & measure them:
Acc to properties of the software type, few of these should be chosen to measure the quality & growth of the codes. This information might be discussed periodically or production quality will be increased after-assessments.

Perform issue and requirement tracking:
The requirement management and issue tracking is one of key-points in the software development. They determine scope of the software, also supports the traceability base to functional tests.
ALM Tools:
ALM means Application lifecycle management; it is a product lifecycle management (governance, maintenance, and development) of apps software. This encompasses requirements-management, computer programming, software-architecture, software’s testing, or software’s maintenance, change the management, project management, continuous integration, & the release management.

The ALM tools are:

It includes the functionality that keeps the teams organized across all aspects of the developing software:
  • Release managements.
  • Defect-tracking.
  • Test-management.
  • This suite also involves the collaboration aids like:
  • Document sharing.
  • Teams calendars.
  • Dash-boards.
  • Threaded discussions.
  • Knowledge’s base.

Optimize the delivery process through connecting with multiple ALM repositories. It gain control across the teams, projects & tools through tracking changes for source code, defects or features. It allows the uses of any combination of the lifecycle tools & supports the established processes, such as Agile, waterfall.

Aldon Life cycle Manager:
It highlights the included configurable multiphase lifecycle process-automation, flexible architecture to IDE's, & role based interfaces to engineers, project-leads, development-managers, & senior IT management.

Test-Track Suites:
This also has a wide-range of operating system support which includes the Linux, UNIX, Mac or Windows.  Along with the better change or test tool integrations, Sea pine’s software is also very easy for the install or upgrade.

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