Thursday, 22 January 2015

How to Test Easily on E-commerce

Definition of E-commerce:

It means of that “Electronic commerce” operates in the all four of major market-segments: business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.

Steps to testing plan of an E-commerce sites:

The Functionality
It is a first step; we will run by the main functionality of an e-commerce web site that needs to be tested. Your web site might not have all of these items, and indeed might have some included here.
  •          Home page
  •          Featured-products
  •          Information’s pages
  •          Shipping information
  •          Special offers
  •          About page
  •          Returns policy
  •          Terms and condition page
  •          Privacy policy

The Product-category pages
      ·         Any filter such as the product filters, sizes, colors, types of the product and etc
      ·     Add in the shortlist and wish list-facility
      ·       Add in the basket.

Products searches
  •  Keyword-searches

Product detail pages
  • Products-title
  • Products descriptions
  • Products images
  • Enlarge-images
  • Any other product information’s, sizes, colors, options, and etc.
  •  Add in shopping basket

  • Add product in basket
  •  Delete product from the basket
  •  Changes quantities
  •  Selects the delivery options

Paying Methods
  • Move in checkout-process
  • It is a testing plan to an e-commerce sites then a specific-section of plan should be devoted for the checkout or payment field of the website.
  • The lots of pressures are put for them as something related for money & appropriated data. Especially the following:
  •  Generate few solutions or ideas from the user’s feedbacks. Initiative-is great & when you can make something good, why should not you?
  • User-testing is highly vital. Watch, how real people are handling the tasks they’re supposed to fulfill with the ease. And they’ll not be the paying something hard to understands. Make-sure they’re not facing any stiff challenges after all they trust on this site with their money.
  • The pair testing with some another analysis stuffs. Heat-maps are the great mean that might assist with the testing.
  •  An a/b testing is good, when you’ve appropriate amount of the users.
  •  Make-sure all is the optimized. This has no right to be just the initiative from your development-team.
  • There’re multiple reasons, due to which you may consider the adding changes to your e-commerce sites.

Testing tools for e-commerce sites:
  •  Optimizely

It is one of best tool to A/B testing, which used to measure the impacts of the changes of the two variants in the designs.
  • Google AdWords

It is one of the tools that can help you to promote your e-commerce sites more efficiently or also boost the sales.
  •  Search Spring

It’s a popular sites navigation solution that helps the online retailers to connect the shoppers with the relevant products & boost your product sales.
  • Unbxd

It’s a relatively new entry for the e-commerce marketers’ toolkit. It provides the intelligent, context aware site search or personalized recommendations.
  • Zen desk

Zen desk helps you to provide the better customers services without having a customer service-team.

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