Wednesday, 28 January 2015

How do testing with BootRacer

What is BootRacer?

The BootRacer is a convenient & a free-tool that can helps you to calculate the system-boot up time. You-just have to initiates testing with the simple button click & then get rating of the system. This is a free download's Windows only. This utility is worked only on Windows-XP in testing, but the Windows-Vista is supposed to be supported, so if you get it-working. You can get lot of the useful-information, using a BootRacer.
·         Logon to Boot Time.
·         Total Boot-Time to Desktop.
·         The best Time for desktop, the system has shown in compare with the earlier outcomes difference between current outcomes about the measurement of time for desktop & the best boot-time for the desktop.
·         “Last Shutdown-Time” of tested the computer.

There’re the three different channels to view the measurements made through BootRacer:
·         The event-log under the Windows-Computer-Management.
·         This can be seen on interface as a pop up, when BootRacer has completed its measurement’s
·         A balloon on desktop of users
All of the measurements & placements can be configured through the user for fit his requirements. A tool provides special Graphical User Interface that allows it. Criterion that Boot-Racer uses for the boot-times rating are:
·         The best login time is 12 to 15 seconds.
·         The best boot for desktop time is less than a minute.
So now you’ve an opportunity to make it ease when you check the system’s boot-time. When, BootRacer is installed on computer, service name is “Boot-Racer-Service”. That tool can measure boot-time for login & for desktop on the system-tested.
BootRacer does not provide multiple-measurements. User has to boot the manually no. of times it needs for analysis.

The System Requirements for BootRacer
·         To use the BootRacer you required:
·         The personal machine with Windows XP /2000/2003/Seven/Vista /2008/ and higher
·         An amount of the disk space you needs to install the BootRacer is approx. 20 MB.
·         Memory requirements for the BootRacer are similar to those for OS.
·         Update the BootRacer for version 4.7

The one problem with this windows installer-package
·         You’ve settings preventing the executing scripts during the installation.
·         The BootRacer does not display the boot-time properly.

Benefits of BootRacer:
·         Ease to installation & use.
·         It calculates automatically the Windows boot-time.
·         It excludes the user passcode time out from total Boot-Time.
·         The BootRacer uses a minimum of the computer-resources.
·         It runs under non-administrator’s accounts.
·         The BootRacer logs all the outcomes for the history reports and to standard event log. You can checks the events using Windows-Event-Viewer.
       The BootRacer is free to non-commercial uses.

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