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Tuesday, 29 December 2015


In our previous post of selenium testing, we discussed selenium testing briefly. But it was just an introduction about that. And the selenium is much wider in its own. In today’s article, we are going to discuss the selenium, IDE Tool.

What is Selenium IDE??
In selenium testing, selenium IDE (Selenium Integrated Development Environment) is a simple tool present in selenium suite

Selenium IDE has an inbuilt record and playback functionality that allow us to create tests very quickly, easily and efficiently.

Selenium IDE is very easy to install and use.

As selenium IDE is a Firefox plugin, it aims to support Firefox browser only. Therefore, we can execute our created test scripts on Firefox only.

Selenium IDE supports auto complete mode which allows the user to:
* Enter commands more quickly
*Restricts the user to enter invalid commands.

The most impressive thing about the Selenium IDE in selenium testing that the user need not to have any prior knowledge of programming languages. He/she just need to know a bit about HTML, java, DOMS to create a number of test scripts by using selenium IDE.

Let us talk about the installation process of selenium IDE:

# Download selenium IDE:
 Firstly you have to open MOZILLA FIREFOX BROWSER and after entering the URL: http://www.seleniumhq.org/  and after navigating through the download page.

#  Move under the IDE head and click on the present link. This link tells you about the latest version of the  selenium IDE present.

#  Also when we click on the present link a message alert is shown to the users regarding safeguard against     potential risks. You have to click on the given allow button as we are an authentic user.

#  Firefox downloads the required plugin the drop box and then an install window  appears on which you have to click the button.

# As soon as the installation completes, a pop appears which asks you to restart the firefox. After clicking on the restart now, selenium IDE installation starts.

# when this installation is completed, you can see the selenium IDE in your menu bar.

# As soon as you click on selenium IDE, Selenium IDE window appears and we become able to use this tool in selenium testing.

There are also a number of features regarding selenium IDE which we will discuss in our next post.  Please visit our main website http://www.precisetestingsolution.com/

Monday, 28 December 2015

SEO: Spamming & Violation Issues.


  In our previous post, we talked about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), that what is a search engine optimisation and how could be this beneficial for the audience as well as for the publishers.

 We had also discussed various success factors of the search engine optimisation. In this post, we are going to have a thorough look on the spamming and other violation issues which can make anyone easily frustrating

The search engine is so smart that it aims to check every bit of information you uploaded on the internet and knows very well that who deserves a penalty and for what he/she deserves a penalty.

Let us discuss some points that we should surely consider in order to avoid violations and spamming.


Before discussing how to avoid cloaking; we first discuss what actually cloaking means.
In search engine optimisation cloaking refers to ways to hide the text sophistically.  In cloaking practise, the search engine tends to view a completely different look of your website and this thing is against the SEO practises.
The search engine doesn't like this practice and whenever he caught anyone in doing this. Then he or she could be definitely penalized.

As we all knows that google provide us certain keywords that is relevant to you content.  Keyword stuffing is considered as the most common and oldest spamming technique.  It is a good practise to include the keywords at approximately, 2% but the over use of keywords in your content may cause you to be penalized

3. AVOID  USING HIDDEN TEST               

Many bloggers use this tactic and thinks that they actually could gain from this.   But by using this spammers hide them and blend the text but actually it is a big NO. Actually search engine need to see everything on the net the as human user sees.


Many of the publishers tried to put more and more link in order to make them more attractive. This is considered as the easiest way to spam. The links that you took behind on your blog or post will make them to think that SEO is related to spamming.
4. AVOID “THIN” & “SHALLOW” SITE  CONTENTBefore discussing how to avoid thin & shallow content we should first need to understand that what actually thin & shallow content is???

In SEO (search engine optimisation) thin content & shallow site content means whether the content that you have updated on the website is up to the mark it means it should not be:
  •   Doorways
  • Thin affiliate pages
  •  Copied from any other source    

    In  our next blog we will discuss some more cognizant information. Till then keep visiting our website  

Thursday, 24 December 2015


Before discussing SEO in deep let us first see, that what SEO stands for???
SEO stands for search engine optimisation, as the name suggests search engine optimisation means to optimise or modify the search engine so as to get the required results.

Let us define search engine optimisation.
Search engine optimisation is the process by which we can affect the visibility of the website or web search of a search engine as per our requirements. It should be noted that the site or web page which is placed on the top of the search results is probably the most viewed page. Search engine optimisation targets different kinds of results that could be image search, local search or any kind of video search.

Actually optimising a website may include editing its content. The more you keep updating and editing your website, the more search engine results get optimised as per your requirement. Many search engine optimizers also tend to use backlinks or hyperlinks in order to place their website as higher as possible in terms of ranking.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success factors actually work in combination. I mean to say that all the key factors should be top class in quality if you really want your website to be placed on a high rank. No single factor alone can improve your website ranking. If for example you give a 100% attractive HTML title to your content, but the main content is of low quality then you cannot get the desired results.

There are mainly 2 types of success factors related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO):


On the page success factors are actually those factors that are entirely under publisher’s own control.
It consists of certain factors that, is the content which the publisher is providing to the audience is genuine or not, Whether it is copied from any other address or not, whether the links which are provided by the publisher in his/her content is relevant or not??


Off the page success factors are those success factors that are not under publisher’s control. For an instance, some publishers try to be more relevant but, in general, they are not.
The search engine provides these success factors because they know very well that only publisher alone can not yield better results.

       There are a number of advantages of SEO. Some of  these benefits are:

*Brand Awareness also considered a big advantage of search engine optimisation. As if public gets more and more content to read about a particular brand or product, the public become more aware of it.

*Search engine optimisation helps the publisher to attract more and more readers and hence he got high traffic on his posts.

* Search engine also proved to be the benefit in terms of cost effectiveness as it aims to target that audience that is actually willing and active for your product and services.

These advantages typically make us understand that search engine optimisation is beneficial for the publisher as well as for the audience. In our next post, we will discuss various violations and ranking penalties.  Till then keep visiting our very own http://www.precisetestingsolution.com/

Saturday, 19 December 2015


In previous posts we discuss a lot about testing, types of testing extra but here we are going to discuss something which is very important for every novel software tester, as this is the most asked question in a software testing interview.

Before discussing the difference points let's quickly understand what is black box testing and what is white box testing??

White box testing is that type of software testing in which the inner structure is clearly known to the software tester. It is also called transparent testing.
Whereas black box testing is that type of software testing in which the internal structure or code is not known to the software tester.

White box testing is a kind of testing in which internal structure, design or implementation of the product or software is well known to the software tester
Black box testing is a kind of testing in  which  the internal structure, design or  implementation  is  clearly known to the software tester
2.Performed by
White box testing is performed by the software developers
 Black box testing is carried out by  software testers
3.Applicable To
Mainly applicable to lower level of testing viz Unit Testing, Integration Testing.
Mainly applicable to higher level of  testing viz Acceptance  Testing,  
System Testing

4.Implementation Knowledge
Not Required
Software developers are responsible
Software testers are responsible
6.Basis for Test Cases
Detail Design
Requirement Specification
White box Testing actually means structural testing or interior testing
Black box testing actually means functional testing or external testing
8.Main aim
The main aim of white box testing is to check how system is performing
The main aim of black box testing is that what functionality is being testing by system under test cases

For more such kind of information please visit our very own http://www.precisetestingsolution.com/

Friday, 18 December 2015


If you are interesting in software testing and desperately want to work in software testing profile then this post is surely for you, as we know that selenium testing is an important aspect of  software testing so you should go through this at least once.


SELENIUM is a tool for authoring tests without learning test scripting language like selenium IDE. Selenium is not just a tool but actually it is a cluster of independent tools.

And selenium testing is a testing which is performed by using selenium tool.


If we talk about the functioning and scenario of today's IT industries or companies then it is known to everyone that there is a mass movement towards automation testing. Not only this but the cluster of manual testing scenario  has also raised a great demand to make to manual testing automated by using various tools such as selenium.
 There are numerous benefits which a software tester gets if he/she implements automation testing. Some of those benefits are:
  • It saves time and cost to a great extent.
  • Helps in testing a large test matrix
  • Enables parallel execution of two air more test cases.
  • Improves accuracy, therefore, helps in reducing human errors to a great extent.

Selenium testing is the best kind of testing in automation and selenium is considered as the best tool in order to make testing fully automated. The reasons behind this consideration is that:
  • It is an open source and is readily available in online market.
  • Also aims to support multiple languages
  • It has active repository development         
  • It is compatible with various browsers and platforms.
Selenium is designed in such a way that it can be able to support and encourage various functional aspects of web based application in automation testing.
As this tool is existed as open source hence it is readily available to the professionals and become their prior choice, every time wen it comes to automation testing.

As we said above that selenium is not a single tool but it is a set of several tools therefore, only because of this reason it is referred to as the suite.
This suite consists of following tools.
  1. Selenium Integrated Development Environment
  2. Selenium Webdriver
  3. Selenium Remote control
  4. Selenium Grid.
we will discuss these tools thoroughly in our upcoming posts OF SELENIUM TESTING.
Sometimes users often confused that what is Selenium 1 and Selenium 2, So let me tell you that selenium 2 is actually a combination of selenium RC and web driver. Whereas selenium 1 has selenium RC ALONE.

Thursday, 17 December 2015



   As we know in software development life cycle (SDLC) , there are different stages and one  of the most important stage is software testing. There are different types or methodologies of software testing. Some of them are:

·         Manual testing
·         automation testing
·         black box testing
·         white box testing , etc


Functional automation Testing actually makes use of special software to efficiently control the execution of the tests and the comparison of the actual outcomes with the predicted outcomes.
Functional Automation Testing increases the test coverage, retain knowledge improves accuracy, and money I comparison to manual testing.
On the basis of certain capabilities like data-driven capabilities, debugging and logic capabilities, platform-independent capabilities we use certain automation tools.






Open Source

Open source


             In functional automation testing, there is a need to strictly understand that WHAT TO AUTOMATE??? HOW TO AUTOMATE??? AND WHEN TO AUTOMATE??? So let's understand this concept with a brief explanation.

Automation is all about predictability. If you cannot express the precise inputs and expected outputs, you cannot automate a test. It is not required to automate everything in any software. There are some particular areas where there are many users who continuously and simultaneously access the software. Therefore such areas like login and registration forms should be automated.

                           In functional automation testing test Automation should be used by       considering the following aspects of a software:
ü  Large and critical projects
ü  Projects that require testing the same areas frequently
ü  Requirements were not changing frequently
ü  Accessing the application for load and performance with many virtual users
ü  Stable software with respect to manual testing
ü  Availability of time

In functional Automation Testing, Testing is done by using supportive computer languages like VB scripting and an automated software application. There are many tools available that can be used to write automation scripts. Before mentioning the tools, let us identify the process that can be used to automate the testing process:
ü  Identifying areas within a software for automation
ü  Selection of the appropriate tool for test automation
ü  Writing test scripts
ü  Development of test suits
ü  Execution of scripts
ü  Create result reports
ü  Identify any potential bug or performance issues


In functional automation testing we have to take care of certain factors that consequently lead you to success of test automation, these are:
ü  Management commitment
ü  Controlled test environment
ü  Planning and training
ü  Good set of resources.

Hope this will be a knowledgeable blog for you , For more such interesting and cognizant        information just stay /http://www.precisetestingsolution.com/

Tuesday, 15 December 2015


In previous two posts, we learn a lot about compatibility testing i.e. what actually is compatibility testing ??? How compatibility testing is performed and many more.

As we all know that in order to perform browser compatibility testing  we use several efficient too in order to make our testing more easy and accurate but we are still unaware of these tools. So in today's post, we are going to discuss various tools which are listed on top in order to perform browser compatibility testing or so-called cross browser testing.

Below is given a list of top tools which are commonly used to perform browser compatibility testing or cross browser testing. Lets's have a look.
  • SPOON BROWSER SANDBOXIf you are using spoon browser sandbox then it allows you to work with a number of web browser even without installing them on your system.

    By using this tool, you can easily access all famous browsers like  Mozilla firefox, Google chrome, opera mini and many more. Accessing browsers without even installing them also save internal memory to a great extent.  

  • BROWSER SHOTSBrowser shots are also one of the browser compatibility testing tools which are full of high features and customizable characteristics, by using this tool we can able to use various web browsers and various operating systems.

    It aims to provide various customizations when you run browser compatibility tests. Some of these customizations are flash enable/disable the setting, Screen size, Javascript status  Color depth and  many more.

    The best thing about this browser compatibility testing is that it can take screenshots of almost 61 web browsers and operating system

    A severe disadvantage of this browser compatibility testing is its delay in terms of showing results. Even sometimes it displays a message of time out error. 
  • IE TAB

    IE TAB is also a widely used browser compatibility testing tool. As this browser have an advantage that we can view that how our website is displayed on the internet and even with just one click by using Firefox or Chrome browsers.

    This advantage makes its use wide by software developers as well as by software testers.
  •  IE NetRenderer

    IE Netrenderer is a free online browser compatibility testing tool which allows us to check our website on all versions of internet explorer. You just need to put the URL of the required website by selecting the desired version of internet explorer from the drop down list.

    Microsoft super preview is also efficient and widely use browser compatibility testing tool which is available totally free online. Microsoft super preview allows us to test and debug layout and various other related issues on different browsers and platforms

    Depending upon which version is currently installed in your system, Microsoft super preview browser compatibility testing tool shows you the desired results regarding recently rendered web pages.
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Monday, 14 December 2015


In a previous post, we have discussed what is browser compatibility testing. And in this post, we are going to discuss that how can we perform compatibility testing. Before discussing further, Let us first revise a bit about compatibility testing.
Browser compatibility testing simply means testing your website or application on different browsers. Compatibility testing also called cross-browser testing.


It is tester's responsibility to determine that which browser should be chosen as there are millions of browser present.
Other personalities like the client, business analysis, and marketing team also take a healthy competition.
Sometimes companies also keep in mind that which browser is mostly used or you can say which browser attract more traffic and then the browser is chosen accordingly.

Whoever performs compatibility or cross-browser testing, but final results are thoroughly examined by design and development team and relevant changes are performed by them only.

Like all another testing, browser compatibility testing is also performed in various systematic ways or steps. Let's discuss in case of compatibility testing what these steps are:
The first thing to think about browser compatibility testing is whether that browser compatibility testing is done manually or by using tools?
So the answer to this question is that cross-browser testing can be done manually, But as due to the involvement of multiple browsers, multiple system, and multiple operating systems, many problems occur so in order to cope up with this complex situation we are provided with various related tools in order to make our work easier and more efficient.

  • As discussed earlier, traffic scenarios are considered to judge which browser should be tested
  • Sometimes tester often confuses that what part of AUT(Application under test) is to be tested or if all of it at once, but I should tell you that the basic strategy, in this case, is to test 100% features of AUT on one platform or browser and on remaining platforms just check the vital feature or functionality
  • After determine that what feature of AUT is to be tested on which browser, the testing team aims to discuss various other things like risk, time and cost, which sort of people to be included, issue tracking schedules etc.
  • The fourth step in browser compatibility testing is to write various test cases in order to a validate the efficiency of the system.    
  • After validating or executing various test cases. Testing team pass on the results to the develop/design team.
  • In order to manage cost and time, Compatibility testing should also be started in initial stages.
  • Cross browser testing is performed on one of the following:
  1. Dev
  2. Production environment 
  3. QA



Before understanding basics of desktop application testing,  let us first define desktop application testing.
          This type of testing is used to test the desktop base applications that whether they are working according to the clients requirements or not. It aims to remove various bugs, errors, issues or failure that reduces its efficiency.

As we know that today the mobile apps are highly trendy and are widely in use. But as far as desktop applications are the concern they have their own field of interest and are always stays in fashion.

Desktop applications run on personal computers and on workstations. As far as desktop applications are concerned we can categorize them as graphical user interface(GUI), load and functionality.
Desktop application requires a need of installation testing and reason behind this is that desktop applications are used by the single user and the are therefore installed in an exe file. so for desktop application testing installation testing need is occur

There could be many types of defects present in a desktop applications they should be removed by using desktop application testing. For example:

  • There could be an incorrect shortcut icon
  • issues related to platform dependency
  • Sometimes there are many incorrect warning messages that often confuse the user continuously.
  • sometimes unauthorized users become also able to access applications.
  • sometimes a particular application is still running on the website even after uninstalling.
Things to be checklist while performing desktop application testing

Before performing any kind of testing, it is must to plan that what actually have to test. By doing such planning, one could actually become determine that what is the current scenario of the application and what should be the required test cases according to that.

So have a look on such kind of important checklist needed to care in desktop application testing.

  • Check for the required fields I mean check that if the screen requires data entry on particular field or  not
  • If the screen contains fields particularly for the date, numeric or alphabet make sure that it will accept only the respective values
  • ensure that error messages are informative and helpful for the user
    many other such GUI test cases, the desktop application tester must look upon
  • Check for broken lines
  • Installation testing
  • sleep mode
  • cache
  • Testing with multiple user accounts
  • Theme change
  • Print 
Browser compatibility testing is also a part of desktop application testing  is performed in order to ensure compatibility of the system/product/software on various browsers. Compatibility testing reduces the chances of the sudden collapse of any application when they used on various browsers.


Performance testing is used to test that whether the application is required to perform well under severe conditions or not like:
  • Long period of continuous use
  • Memory. and various other issues.

Friday, 11 December 2015

BROWSER COMPATIBILITY TESTING.....make sure whether your website is compatible or not??

What is browser compatibility testing in software testing??

In software testing browser compatibility testing is a type of testing in which is used to ensure compatibility of the system/product/software/application or website which is built with various other objects such as various hardware platform, operating systems, users and other specific requirements.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

SECURITY TESTING.....how to make your website more secure!!


Before discussing how to secure your website. Let us take a quick review on what is testing??? What is website??? And what a security testing is???


A website is a set of web pages or we can say that website is a collection of web pages. These web pages are continuously accessed on the internet.


Website testing is a type of testing  where test cases or test plans are executed in order to check various web applications.

In website development, security is the main concern that really need to be concentrated upon If your website is not really secured, any unauthorized person can easily hack private information or any confidential data of any user and can lead to a severe harm. Therefore, in web development security testing is most important.


Security testing is a kind of testing in which various static and dynamic analysis are done,
 different test cases are planned and executed in order to find whether client’s website is fully secure or not.


There are a number of ways in which a person illegally harms a website, some of them are:
  • URL manipulation 
  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Password manipulation


  • For, Http Protocol really matter, I mean security tester definitely should be aware of Http Protocol. He/she should also aware of client-server communication. He must know SQL & XSS. All these things are really important for tester to efficiently plan and implement security testing

  • Sometimes by default username and password of many ID's gets saved into cookies without encryption*. And then obviously hacker can easily extract the login details from there I mean the password and username can enter into the private word of the poor victim.

  • Therefore, during security testing

    , the tester should design the website in such a manner that it should enforce the user to make a strong password by showing 
    him/her some points regarding how to create passwords (like your password should contain at least 1 numeral, 1 capital letter and alphabets from a..z, and, at least, one symbol)

*encryption - encryption is actually the conversion of readable data or information into unreadable codes.
  • Security tester should make sure that any HTML or SCRIPT should not be accepted by the application  otherwise it could prove more prone to the hacker’s attack

       During security testing of any website application, the tester should really need to take care of some important points. These are:
  1.  Configuration details of the application or server
  2.  All the services which are running on the server
  3. User or customer data currently hosted by the application
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