Monday, 10 November 2014

Top Tools For Penetration Testing

Penetration testing
Penetration testing is one way to assess the security of the computer system and network, also that of online computing systems. This activity is carried out by simulating an un-authorized breach both through malicious outsiders as well as through insiders. The penetration testing activity generally includes a thorough analysis of system in order to find out confidential vulnerabilities in it, which a hacker could possibly take benefits.
Tools for penetration testing:
Meta sploit
It is the most advanced or famous Framework that can be used for penetration testing. It is based on the idea of ‘exploit’ which codes that can be surpass the security measures or enter in a certain system. If entered, and it’s executes a payload, a code that performs the manipulation on a target machine, thus creating the perfect frame work for penetration testing.
It is used in web applications, servers, networks etc. It has a command line or a GUI clickable interfaces, works on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux. This is a commercial product, although there might be the free limited trials available.
CORE Impact
It can used to test the mobile device penetration, network and network testament penetration, passwords identification or cracking etc. It has a command line or GUI clickable interfaces, and works on Microsoft Windows.
Nets parker
Nets parker comes with a robust web applications scanner that will identify weaknesses, suggest remedial task etc. This tool can be also helps to exploit the SQL injection or local file induction. It has a command line or GUI interface, works only on a Microsoft Windows.
It is also a scanner or one that needs to be watched out for. It’s one of the most robust weaknesses identifier tools available. It specializes in a compliance checks, IPs scan, Sensitive data searches, website scanning etc. or aids in the finding of weak spots. It works on the most of environments.
Cain and Abel
If cracking the encrypted password’s and network central (keys) is what are you required, then Cain and Abels is a tool for that. It uses in network sniffing, Brute Force, Dictionary or Cryptanalysis aggression, cache un-covering or routing protocols analyzing the methods to instate this. This is exclusively to Microsoft operating systems.

This is essentially for a web vulnerability scanner targeted on web applications. It provides the cross site scripting testing, SQL injection, PCI compliance reports etc. along with the identifying a throng of the vulnerabilities.
As antagonistic to a certain application and a serve, it targets the entire environment at a special company and firms. It comes as a package known as Retina Community. It’s a commercial product & is more of the vulnerability management tool more than a penetration testing tool.
Immunity’s CANVAS is the widely used tool that includes more than 400 exploits & multiple pay load options. Its render’s itself useful to web applications, networks, wireless systems etc.
Social Engineer Toolkit
Social Engineer Toolkit (SET) is the unique tool in terms of that the attacks are aimed at the human element than on system’s element. It has the features that let you send e-mails, java applets, etc. containing attack code. It goes without saying that, this tool is to be used very carefully or only for white hat reasons. 
Network Mapper by not necessarily a pen-testing tool, it is a must have for the ethical hackers. This is a very famous tool that predominantly aids understanding the characteristics of any target networks. The characteristics can involve services, host, OS, packet filters and firewalls etc.  It works on the most of environments or is open sourced.

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