Thursday, 27 November 2014

Top 5 Software Testing Books To Read

A Software testing is an inquiry i.e. conducted to provide the stakeholders with data about quality of the goods and services under test.

Top five software testing books:

1.       Software Testing
In this book it provides the information’s about all of the fields in software testing involving in web based testing or test automations. It is covers the usability, functional aspects, security & also the localization. It is provides the simple solutions instead of the using of intricate formula to define the testing methodologies. It gives the lower explanations but provides the complete guide for the new testers.
2.       Lessons Learned in Software’s Testing
In this software testing book it is must reads for the beginners. This book focuses’ on several common mistakes of peoples makes during the beginning of quality assurance jobs. In this book, this book can help you do your work more effectively. This book provides the resource for the test manager’s, developers or consultants. There is total no. of 293 chapters in this book & it’s not based on common explanation. Really it provides the live project’s signals which can be used for reduce the testing budget or to increase the capacity of a test team.
3.       Managing Testing Process: Practical Tools or Techniques for Managing the Hardware’s or Software Testing
In this book it provides the information’s about the test plans, good exercises of testing, test cases, or setting-up the objectives, concrete on the examples & illustrations accompanying all topics & also how to manage your test teams within count no. of resources. This book provides the many documents and explaining that how to initiates the testing projects or informs about the metrics in which performances of the testing operations can be tested. It’s helpful to either experts or novice testers.
4.       Implementing the Automated Software’s Testing: How to Save your Time &Lower Costs While Raising the Quality
In this book it provides the information’s about the automated testing & it covers requirements, identifying best practices, methodologies, automated testing life cycle, tools, and limitations, frame-work designs, reporting or automation types and Interfaces. It provides the cases for reducing the costs on testing & explains about the losses of automated testing procedures. The only the draw-back is it doesn’t provide much more information about the testing tools.

5.       The Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Tester’s & Agile Teams
In this book it provides the explanation about the agile testing, four testing areas or organizational challenges. This book also tells about the exploratory testing, 10 testing principles, explains role and responsibility of software testers, test based development on unit-level, & the test automation strategies. It doesn’t provide the detailed unit-testing but functional testing of the higher scale is covered in this book. In this book, it gives the many of experiences based report’s as the compared to the technical information’s.
The Software testing helps to determine capabilities of software’s application & every application needs the different testing approaches.

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