Saturday, 8 November 2014

Tips for better Usability testing

Usability testing
Usability testing is technique that can be used in user centered interaction designs to evaluate the product through testing it on users. This can be seen as a stable of usability practice, since it gives the direct input on how present users use the system. Usability testing concentrates on measuring human made product's efficiency to meet it is intended purpose. Normally, recommend the person’s usability to testing in whenever possible.
Don’t be afraid to get your ideas out there
We have worked with a number of individuals launching new sites, or they all share the same anxiety of knowing, when they are prepared to start sharing their thoughts. That wants to keep tweaking this or before they even begin the testing activity. You can all save tons of time & effort by testing now or testing often that the way you will actually know what to change.
Have plenty of backup plans:
The test systems will go down, the user’s phone is too long-standing, you will forget to record, and the audio will fail, or the user will be late, & note taker will be sick etc.
Use everyone at disposal
This is a most important point for many reasons; all uses web in different ways, & have different experiences across all sites that they use. You will be amazed at the feedback you get or the different manners people’s think of using the same site that you would never have considered. And it is too free. What do you have to lose?
Use any hot body then pre-test with the qualified users. For the first some usability session’s, you have to get the used to the task's and the system quirks. Be prepared to make changes, improvise or improve early in testing.
Writing technic is better than recording device:
They are quiet & quick. Used the customs software and excel sheets for record problems, comments or notes but sometimes the nonlinear format that does not need to power a click on keyboard work just fine.
Don't lead the user:
Even, if a user asks if  "did it right" or that are going down the wrong way & ask "is this right way" try or  recurve such questions through asking back "what would your tilt be" and " where would you go look for that?
Some advantages of usability testing:

Ø  This test can be modified to covers the many other types of testing such as testing, system integration testing, functional, smoke testing, unit testing etc.
Ø  Usability testing can be very parsimonious, if planned properly and yet highly effective or beneficial.
Ø  If proper resources are used, usability test can help in fixing all of the problems that user may encounter even before the system is at last released for the user. This may out come in better performance or a standard system.

Ø  Testing can help in discovering the potential bugs or potholes in the system which are generally not visible to the developers or even escape the other types of testing.

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