Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Here are the major areas where tester’s technical skills are specifically in demand today’s.
1.       Cloud Computing
Cloud computing enables us to utilize the cloud functionality. In the cloud computing testers requires to verify, if that the cloud service functionality supports that the business procedures correctly, but they also requires to executes the technical tests checking correct integration of a service with beforehand existing in the systems. The integrations of the variable systems, as it’s seen, requires the testers to be competent of read technical logging, stubs, utilizing the drivers, mocks or other tools. In general cloud computing is a computing in which big groups of remote servers are networked to allows the centralized data storage or online access to the computer services and resources.
2.       Agile Development
Another requiring of the technical testing’s skills is Agile. In multidisciplinary teams testers & developers get closer, what implies that more technical communication or discussions. A direct communication between two functions increases due to the use of less documentation. To ensure that the good communication testers requires to have few development’s knowledge or vice versa. It promotes the adaptive planning, early delivery, evolutionary developments, and continuous improvement or encourages intense or flexible response for change.
3.       Test Automation
The incremental or iterative characters of agile demands more frequent a regression tests run which is delivered through test automation. While using the test automation, in turns the technical skills are also needed from the tester’s to monitor the services in production. The test automation maintenance the uses of different tools that the testers needed not only use, but understood or implemented as well as. So the require for tester’s technical skills here is growing respectively. In the software testing, test automation is use of special software (separates from software’s being tested) to manage the execution of tests or the comparison of sterling results with predicted results. The test automation can automates the some repetitive but necessary works in a formalized testing activity already in place, and add additional testing that would be arduous to perform manually.

Qualities of technical testers
The top qualities of technical testers are:
1.       Attention with the details
Identifying the clear issues is easy, but where your specialization as a software tester indeed comes in is identifying the bugs that are not quite as obvious. Often times it is the small stuff that can have a pretty grave trickledown effect on a whole application.

2.       Ability for communication
The communication is either verbal or written it is a crucial skill to have since you will find yourselves in close contacts with developers or business analysts & the other major stakeholder in the project. It is your jobs to ensure you understand the needs and can describe the test criteria’s, & are able to explains how to re-create issues.
3.       Willingness to learn
The software development or testing is the evolving the industry, so, as a software tester you require to be prepared or willing to keep-up with the latest technology trends.
4.       Prioritization skills
The prioritizing test that assesses the fundamental requirements or basic functionality to improves the efficiency or saves the time as-well-as efforts.
5.       Time Management

The working hand in hand with prioritizations, managing your time smartly is undivided in ensuring that you are being too effective as possible. Instead, balance significance with the urgency to help in better manage your time.

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