Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Localization Testing

Localization Testing:
The localization testing to checks, how well build has been translated into the special targeted language. It’s based on the outcomes of globalized testing where the functional supports for that the specific locale has already verified. If products is not globalized sufficient to supports the given language, you perhaps will not stab to localize it into that language at the first place. This testing has achieved a lot of pace or market shares in the nowadays of years’, thanks to independent software vendor’s who have been focusing on the global launch of their results. Amongst, Competitor’s forces that sufficiently prescribe the products launch and time to market it are a very important yardstick. 
While the testing is best practices, in common would apply for localization testing as well as, here is some cores are best practices specifically applicable for localization testing:
Build the Re-usability
 Re-usability bears the lots of importance specifically in this testing because there is a lot in general between mendacious localization testing & the localization functional testing. The test cases are written for seeming this testing can be largely re-used in the localization functional testing’s, with the changes built up to the test data.
Exercise due to the diligence filing in the localization bugs
The localization bugs differs from core product of bug’s in the English language in that, it might be distinguished for the language under test, it might be distinguished for a group of languages – e.g. the bug reproduced in every double-byte character set character’s set of languages. Tester’s should enforce due sedulity in isolating bugs rooted on scenarios under which, it’s reproduced, through which he and she helps developer perceive the issues hastily. It is also identical to the bug’s specific to Operating System’s Browser testing. Depend on the behaviour of bug; testers should decides whether to legwork every issue’s seen in same type of bug and file detached from bugs for each issue. 
Build an extensive optimized matrix to test
Identical for building the correct coverage matrix for test in Operating System’s Browser’s testing, building a matrix in testing, it is very vital since variable’s to test are large. In-fact, build a matrix is here and it is more complex than in oriented strand board testing since: the localization testing is touches upon both oriented strand board and places in the under test.  Understands the launched priorities of several markets involving markets shares, objectives the number of end user’s in each market, launched time lines etc. i.e. you can take on into accounts in the building of your test matrix. Also take into account the oriented strand board (OSB) usage distinguished to the target area.
Use the productivity tool
Since: the tester’s will needful to emulate the test data in several places, a preparation of the test data is specifically more than time wasting in localization testing. To build this test activity simple, more accurate or faster, the numbers are open source and free-ware productiveness tools are presents. It’s a good exercise for testers to use such tool to help expeditious the test activity.

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