Wednesday, 19 November 2014

7 Tips On How To Write A Test Plan

What is Test Plan?
A test plan is a document’s strategy that will be used to verify or ensure that a product & system meets the design specifications ir other needs. A test plan is generally prepared by & with significant input from test engineers.

Seven tips for writing a test plans:

1.)    Participations right from beginning:

It’s a good exercise to have the testers involved in each stage of the SDLC. It outcomes the testers can acquires the good understanding of applications under the test, as a outcome of tester can cover extensive test cases. In the requirement stage, testing’s projects needs can be a cost effective or useful to avoid the bugs subsequently. Early preparations of the test environment, thereby the preventing of any delays or unknowable risks will have to sufficient time to deal with. If it’s not possible to a part of these stages then asks you leads and manager to involve tester in decision making meetings.

2.)    Test early, test often:

 It has been observes that the most of error’s are identified in testing state which is beforehand introduced in requirement and design phase. Defects identified afterwards in SDLC that are costly (Expensive) to fix than defect’s identified in previous stage. So the testing should be start early to avoids introductions of defect’s in early phase.

3.)    Initiates testing with the positive centric set:

When you are initiates testing applications in positive attitude with the determination of bugs or errors in code. Initiates positive attitude and do not think of that there will be not bugs in the code

4.)    Use good metrics:

Metrics are crucial for more than one of the reason in software’s testing projects. Test of your software’s is one of the things or choosing right metric is another. Measuring the quality or making right decisions to another. Metrics are used to gets efficiency or productiveness over time. The quality purpose must be documented, measurable, re-viewed or tracked. Choose the metrics which are the simple to run or effective in environment. Make sure that select the metrics, such that:

a.           Schedules: test cases written and executed Vs timeline.
b.          Size: the lines of codes, and modules & test cases.
c.           Re-work: No. of tests cycles for the test bug fixes.
d.          Resources: Money spent, and hours of work.

5.)    Test cases writing nice, clear and descriptive bug report:

It will help to makes your software testing more efficient. It’s your skill, and how, you are handling the challenging of situations. Your endeavors towards writing the good bug reports will not save only company resource’s but also creates good relationships between you & developer’s. While reporting of bugs i.e. not only provide the indications of bug, but also provide the solution, if you can. Extra data must be provided along with the bugs like browser’s versions, login details, accurate steps to reproduce etc. This will helps to fix the evident problems quickly. Use reasonable bug’s report templates for reporting the bug.

6.)    Test cases are available for all team:

QA team is aware of the applications under test horizontally rather than vertically. When QA team writes test cases then make sure that’s you kept in mid locations from where each team can access test cases. Let’s developer analyse the test cases which helps to build high quality applications. Due to uncover of the all scenario’s which developers may be missing while coding, this will be help to saves the re-work time.

7.)    Increase communications with the developer to avoid the miss-understandings:

In daily stand up and meeting, discuss every points which ever un-clear and need some additional information’s. The face-to-face communication will re-solves the problem easily or quickly, that will helps to avoid any miss-understanding. Once you discuss about these steps, it should be communicated over e-mails as well as.

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