Thursday, 30 October 2014

What is Customer Information Control System

You can use the Create Application Entry Point wizard in the “CUSTOMER INFORMATION CONTROL SYSTEM” (CICS) Explorer to develop an application entry point. An applications entry points can apply to whole application & a specific application operations. Each application’s entry point is declared on a resource or names of an operation. You can define the application entry points only on a sub set of CICS resources.

Customer Information Control System (CICS) is a transaction’s server that executes the primarily on IBM mainframe system under z/OS or z/VSE. CICS is middleware designed to support rapid, high volume online transactions processing.
The resources for the application entry point do not have to be defined in the same CICS truss project as the applications entry point. CICS adds the application operation to the specified resource when the application set up is installed.
When an action that does not have an applications context call of resources that has an application entry point, CICS creates application contexts that becomes linked with the task, & with any sub-sequent programs that it calls or tasks that it initiates. The applications context identifies the platform, application, application’s version, or the operation. You can use the application context information for the following purposes:
Ø  Monitoring or measuring, how much resource an application and a specific application operation are using across CICS regions or multiple tasks.
Ø  Applying policy to the tasks that are a part of an application, to define antechamber conditions to control the behavior of the task.
Ø  Using the information’s with the transactions tracking CICS Explorer to speedily identify or diagnose application related to the problems.

Procedure to create application entry point
1.       Expand the CICS truss project or META-INF folder.
2.       Open Customer Information Control System.xml file to view the CICS sheaf manifest editor.
3.       Clicks on the Entry Points tab to open the list of applications entry points for the sheaf.
4.       Clicks on Add to define an applications entry point for the application. And the Create Application Entry Point wizard open.
·         Enter name of the application’s operation.
·         Verify resource type.
·         Enter name of the CICS resources.

5.       Clicks on OK to save the application’s entry point.

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