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Difference between Ethical Hacking and unethical hacking

Definition of Security testing

A Security testing is the process of purposeful to reveal flaws in the security mechanisms of information’s system that protect information and maintain the functionality as intended. Due to logical restrictions of the security testing, passing security testing isn’t a pointing of that no flaws exist and that the system completely satisfies the security requirements.

Definition of Ethical hacking
Ethical hacker is a computer & network experts who attack a security system on the behalf of its owners and seeking vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could exploit.

Definition of Un-ethical hacking:
People steal information for their own personal gain each of the time. This is a very dangerous and serious issue, because every user’s almost is facing this kind of trouble. It involves mostly, credit card information, ID theft, or the make perfect sense to me. It means that when people, steal some single information just for their own personal profit.

                  Difference between Ethical Hacking and unethical hacking

Ethical hacking:

An Ethical hacking, often performed through “white hats” or skilled computer experts, is the use of computer programming skills to determine vulnerabilities in the computer system. White hats can work in various varieties of manners. The work of ethical hacking is still believed hacking because it uses the knowledge of computer system’s in an attempt to in some manner penetrate them and crash them. In company and organization, to hack computer means vulnerability i.e. loop holes in a computer found through them they build through firewall.

Unethical hacking:

And the Un-ethical hacker and “black hat” exploits these vulnerabilities for mischief, personal profit and other reasons. If the black hat hacking was at a sufficiently criminal phase.  The argument on this issue hints to certain conclusion.

Classification of hackers:

In this phase, there are two types of hackers, which deal in ethical hacking or unethical hacking:

The White hat hacker:

This kind of hacker gives security of the cyber world. They are quite simply non evidence. Generally the normal user’s called ethical hacker.

The Black hat Hacker:
When we called a real hacker in the mean of un-ethical hacking then, it is the black hat hacker. The black hat hacker is a person who tries to find computer security vulnerabilities & exploit them for personal financial profit or compromising the security of major systems, or other malicious reasons, and shutting down & altering the functions of websites and networks.

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