Thursday, 9 October 2014

Boundary Value Analysis Benefits

Boundary Value Analysis is a software testing technique which is used to create the test cases for required input field or we can say that BVA used for test cases design(between the valid boundary partition and invalid partition). BVA is also a part of stress and negative testing. Boundary value include the border value means minimum and maximum value for example an address text box which takes 500 character but if create the test cases for each character then it’s very difficult to design so here we will use the BVA technique means take the boundary values. Another example for this technique at office a very important tool which is used for take valid user name and password field in which minimum 8 characters and maximum 12 characters so here we can partition  valid range will be 8-12 and invalid range 7-13.Most important thing it is used for Black box testing. Many application errors create at the boundaries.  ‘Boundary value analysis’ testing technique is used to found errors at boundaries rather than finding those occur in middle of input given. Where a boundary value has taken the invalid partition the test case is designed to assure the software component hold the value in a managed manner. Boundary value analysis is also used for the testing cycle and is also similarly applicable for all testing phases. We cannot test all the possible input domain values, because if we try to complete all, then number of test cases becomes large. In this method, input data is partition into different part; each part gives the input range from the equivalence. Then select one input from each partition. So this technique is used to reduce large number of test cases to a minimum number, while assuring that the selected test cases are effective test cases which would be the whole scenarios.
Benefits of Boundary Value:
1.    It reduces the number of test cases for a tester.
2.    It is used for black box testing.
3.    It is use for find the bugs occur at boundaries rather than exist in the center.
4.    It is give the technique in which input domain divided into different class and select each class for testing so we can say that we can easily find the bugs.

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