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A/B testing

What is a/b testing?

a/b testing is the simple process that runs a concurrent experiment between two or more pages to view which does or converts the better. Despite the name a/b testing, the practical can be conducted with as many of pages as in demand.
 Top 5 tools for a/b testing
1.       Google Analytics Content Experiments:

The Google Analytics Content Experiment is the service line of all over the Internet data analysis. Google Analytics Content Experiment let’s test up to five full editions of a single page, from each one delivered to visitors from a part of URL. It offers to the users, the rare opportunity to draw the directly from Google’s extensive data consortium. Analytics offers a characteristic called “Content Experiments,” which allows to users for split the test page variants inside the program.

2.       Optimizely:

Optimizely offers a simply visual editor that makes each component on every page editable. After the inserting a separate line of code developed by Optimizely into your HTML, you never touch the code base again. Use a/b and multivariate testing with WYSIWYG (referring the representation of text on-screen and display in the form of exactly corresponding to its visual aspect on a printout) editing and real-time reporting.

3.       Wingify Visual Website Optimizer:

Wingify Visual Website Optimizer is a testing or optimization suite. Along with a/b testing tool, it admits tools as multivariate testing, behavioral testing, heat maps, and usability testing. Visual Website Optimizer boasts is a simple and easy-to-use interface and arrives with an impressive 7 other testing options:
Ø  a/b test
Ø  Split URL test
Ø  Heat map and clicks
Ø  Targeting
Ø  Usability test
Ø  Multivariate test
Ø  Conversion Tracking

This is an alone selling point for owners unsure of where to start in developing and running a/b tests.

4.       Unbounce:

Unbounce is a tool for building, publishing or testing high-converting and landing pages. It allows you to a/b test a run with ease. Just put your ideas into a newly landing page variation, click on “publish” and your test is live and collects data. Unbounce features is a drag and drop interface or a suite of best-practicing landing page guides. The dashboard furnishes real-time statistics on visits, transitions, and variant conversion data.

5.       Convert:

Convert is a testing suite for a/b, multivariate, or split URL testing. Change over offers a simple testing sensation to walk through a setting up a/b tests. Just drag and drop elements to make your own tests. Multivariate testing is also tolerated to dig and deeper into the preferences of visitants.


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