Sunday, 10 August 2014

What is Compatibility Testing?

How an application performing on different environments. A tester tests all platforms, so they have to know where the application has lacks. If different Platforms performance is distinct by the other one, then application will fail in compatibility testing. An application should have same performance on every platform.

Compatibility testing:

It is the non- functional testing technique. This testing conducted on application by computing the application on different environment or platforms. Computing environment include : - Computing capacity of Hardware Platform (IBM 360, HP 9000, etc.), Bandwidth handling capacity of networking hardware, Compatibility of peripherals(Printer, DVD drive, etc.),Operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac etc.),Database (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.), Other System Software (Web server, networking/ messaging tool, etc.), Browser compatibility (Chrome, Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)

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