Monday, 4 August 2014

What is Code Coverage?

Code Coverage

Code coverage testing is used to define the degree to which the source code of any program is tested by a specific test suite. It’s the way to ensure that your test is actually testing your code. Code coverage tells you how much of your code is tested by running the test.
Code coverage is a white box testing method that requires knowledge of and access to the code itself rather than a simply using the any interface provided. Code coverage is probably most useful during the module testing phase, though it also has benefit during integration testing and probably at other times, depending on how and what you are testing.
The Code Coverage creatures will be allowing you to evaluate; that how much of your code is existence executed. Probably the most common reason to measure code coverage is to calculate the effectiveness of the test code at identify or go through all the possible paths through the code. Here following are the covering measures:- class coverage, method coverage, line coverage, bock coverage, instruction coverage.

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