Thursday, 7 August 2014

What is Cause Effect Graph? Write the steps for cause effect graph.

Cause Effect Graph

It’s a directed graph which maps a set of causes to set of effects. The cause can be from input of the program and effect can be from output of the program. The graph represents the nodes representing the causes on left side and nodes represent the effects on the right side. It is a dynamic test case writing technique. Here causes are input conditions and effects are results of those input conditions. This is a logical relation between inputs and outputs.

The goal of this technique is to reduce the number of test cases for maximum coverage. But it takes time to model all your requirements into this cause-effect graph before writing test cases. Steps for any cause effect graph is: -
Step – 1: In module, identify the input condition (cause) and action (effect).
Step – 2: Develop cause-effect graph.
Step – 3: Transform cause-effect graph into a decision table. 
Step – 4: Convert decision table rules to test cases. Each column of the decision table represents a test case.

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