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Thursday, 28 August 2014

What is Application Binary Interface (ABI)?

Application Binary Interface

ABI is an interface between to program modules and one on of them often library and operating system at the level of machine code. ABI describes the low-level interface between an application program and the operating system or another application. ABIs cover details such as data type, size, and alignments, the calling conventions, which controls how functions arguments are passed and return values retrieved.

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

What do you understand by Scalability testing?

Scalability Testing

Scalability testing is the extension of performance testing. It is the part of non-functional testing. It is at use to define how system will perform when more workload will apply. The goal of this testing is to understand what point the application stops scaling and identify the reasons for this.
This testing is use to test the strength of a system, of a network, or a process to continue to function well, when application changed in size or volume in order to meet a scalable need.

By Software Testing Company

What is Monkey Testing?

Monkey Testing

This testing performed on the system under test randomly. The Input data that is used to test also generated randomly and keyed into the system. Any kind of input we can enter according to the user point of view, the input value will not be predefined and randomly we will choose value at the testing time. So that we can test that our system is taking all the expected values that user can enter.
This testing is very random so the testers may not be able to find error or defects. Monkey testing required testers with more technical expertise.

By Software Testing Company

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

What do you mean by negative testing?

Negative Testing

This testing is just opposite to the positive testing .Negative testing is basically conduct with the intention of test fail and tester will enter all the invalid inputs so that output will be test failed. This testing is use to test that our software application is not working for invalid inputs and can test the capability of application for error handling.

Take an example of Age field, which does not accept the alphabets and special characters and should be accepts numbers, but if we type alphabets and special characters on age field it accepts the alphabets and special characters or not than it is negative testing.

By Software Testing Company

Monday, 25 August 2014

What do you understand by positive testing?

Positive testing

Positive testing is basically performed for the test pass and tester will enter all the valid inputs so that output will be test pass. This testing is use to test that our software application is in running mode so that we can go for further testing. In this testing all the test cases is for valid inputs to check that our application is running properly or not without any issue.

Take an example of  length of age is 2 numeric digits, and when we test the application by giving numeric digits on password field then it is positive testing, because we test the application with valid data/ input.

By Precise Testing Solution

Friday, 22 August 2014

Define usability testing in brief.

Usability Testing

During this test testing team can validate user friendliness of SUT. User friendliness means the ease of use, look and feel and short navigation. The user should be able to use application easily and conveniently and should not be long navigation. This testing defines that our software is meeting the user’s requirements or not. It is used to test the user interface. Usability testing test the following characteristic of the software:- 
·        How much easy to use our software.
·        How much easy to learn the developed software.
·        How much convenient is the developed software.
Benefits of the usability software:-
·        Quality software
·        Easy to use
·        More readily acceptable by users
·        Looks nice

Thursday, 21 August 2014

What do you understand by Basic Block.

Basic Block

Basic block is sequence of code. In this code there is only one entry and only one exit point. One entry point means there is no code within the destination of a jump instruction anywhere in the program. One exit point means only the last instruction of any code can cause the program to start execute the code in a different basic block. There is no branch in this code.Basic blocks include a list of instructions which form the body of the block. Basic blocks belong to functions. They have the type of label. Compilers basically break programs into their basic blocks as a first step in the analysis process. Basic blocks represent the vertices or nodes in a control flow graphs.

by Precise Testing Solution

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What do you mean by Concurrency Testing?

Concurrency Testing

If the multiple users are using our software concurrently then how the system are performing. Concurrency is nothing but having multiple users performs same actions at same time. It will help you to identify and measure the problems in response time, levels of locking and deadlocking in the application. Load runner is widely uses for this testing which will help to create the virtual environment and will look like that multiple users are using the same application at same time.
Concurrency testing is also called multi user testing. It will define how your system will behave for concurrent users. There are many methods to perform concurrent testing and to implement over application. Sometimes programmers need to handle concurrency control.

By Precisetestingsolution

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What is Acceptance Testing?

Acceptance Testing

After completion of software testing corresponding testing team can join with development team to take feedback from customer site people. Here we can follow two yellow box testing technique such as alpha testing and beta testing. The combination of alpha and beta testing is called Gama testing. 
Invite customer site people to our company premises and give demo to them on s/w build. Developer and tester can take direct feedback from customers

By Software testing company

Monday, 18 August 2014

What do you mean by soak testing.

Soak Testing

Soak Testing is a type of performance testing that use to identify a system's stability and performance characteristics for extended period of time.  It is type of performance test to maintain level of user concurrency for an extended period of time.
This type of test use to identify issues relating to memory allocation, some log file handles, and database resource. Testing any application again and again for several hours to identify its stability.

By Software Testing Company

Saturday, 16 August 2014

What do you understand by Backus-Naur Form

Backus-Naur Form

BNF is main method for context-free grammars; used for syntax of programming languages used in computing, document formats, instruction sets and communication protocols.  It is used to explain the rules related to the programming languages. It is applied when exact descriptions of languages are needed. BNF is very important in compiler construction. BNF defines only syntax not semantics. In BNF variable must be declared before use. But there are some limitations in BNF like:-No easy way to describe the length of the variable, such as maximum length of the variable names. No easy way to describe the rang, such as 1 to 31.
  •   < > indicate a nonterminal that needs to be further expanded, e.g. <variable>
  •   Symbols not enclosed in < > are terminals; they represent themselves, e.g. if, while, (
  •   The symbol ::= means is defined as
  •   The symbol  |  means or; it separates alternatives, e.g. <addop> ::= + | -

Thursday, 14 August 2014

What is the Regression testing?

Regression testing

Applicable on every modified software after fixing bug or enhancement of software. Executing previously passed test cases, which is related to the previously failed test cases or related enhancement. If regression testing failed then report that bug as new bug. This testing is basically used to test that due to any changing the other parts of the software are affecting or not.

Regression testing is of 3 types they are:
1) Unit regression testing
2) Partial Regression testing and 
3) Complete regression testing

By Precise Testing Solution

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

What is Code Walkthrough?

Code Walkthrough

A formal testing technique in which source code is go through by a group using a small set of test cases, while the state of application program variables is manually monitored, to observe the programmer's logic and ideas and techniques.In this technique, when module has been coded, successfully compiled and every syntax errors removed. The scenario finds a developer inviting technical lead, the database administrator, and some peers a meeting to go through a set of source modules before production implementation. 
This technique helps in quality assurance. It is used to cover the overall code of the program for finding the syntax error.

by precisetestingsolution

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Define CMM (Capability Maturity Model)


CMM stands for Capability Maturity Model. This model is a development model after getting the data collected from the organization for further processing. It is used to define the principles and practices application process maturity and have intention to help software organizations to improve the maturity of any software processes.
A process model is a structured collection of practices and it’s describing the features of effective processes; the practices involve are those proven by experience to be effective. It is used to develop and refine an organization's software development process.
The CMM’s five maturity levels of software process are: - At the initial level, at the repeatable level, at the defined level, at the managed level, at the optimizing level. It is basically used for improve the development process of the software and use to understand the organization process.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

What is Compatibility Testing?

How an application performing on different environments. A tester tests all platforms, so they have to know where the application has lacks. If different Platforms performance is distinct by the other one, then application will fail in compatibility testing. An application should have same performance on every platform.

Compatibility testing:

It is the non- functional testing technique. This testing conducted on application by computing the application on different environment or platforms. Computing environment include : - Computing capacity of Hardware Platform (IBM 360, HP 9000, etc.), Bandwidth handling capacity of networking hardware, Compatibility of peripherals(Printer, DVD drive, etc.),Operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac etc.),Database (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.), Other System Software (Web server, networking/ messaging tool, etc.), Browser compatibility (Chrome, Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)

Thursday, 7 August 2014

What is Cause Effect Graph? Write the steps for cause effect graph.

Cause Effect Graph

It’s a directed graph which maps a set of causes to set of effects. The cause can be from input of the program and effect can be from output of the program. The graph represents the nodes representing the causes on left side and nodes represent the effects on the right side. It is a dynamic test case writing technique. Here causes are input conditions and effects are results of those input conditions. This is a logical relation between inputs and outputs.

The goal of this technique is to reduce the number of test cases for maximum coverage. But it takes time to model all your requirements into this cause-effect graph before writing test cases. Steps for any cause effect graph is: -
Step – 1: In module, identify the input condition (cause) and action (effect).
Step – 2: Develop cause-effect graph.
Step – 3: Transform cause-effect graph into a decision table. 
Step – 4: Convert decision table rules to test cases. Each column of the decision table represents a test case.

By Precise Testing Solution

Define Branch Testing. How branch testing is useful.

Branch Testing

This testing is a white box testing technique used to execute all the branches. This testing is used to ensure that all possible branches from each decision point are executed at least once and ensure that all reachable code is executed.  It executes individual branches of code. A branch is a route from a conditional statement. For 100% Coverage of branches we need to test all branches in a piece of code, we have to get all possible results from all of the decision statements.


Read p                  // Executable
Read q                  // Executable
IF p > q THEN           // Executable
    Print "p > q"       // Executable
    IF p > 10 THEN      // Executable
        Print "p > 10"  // Executable
    Print "p =< q"      // Executable

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

What do you mean by Code Inspection

Code Inspection

Code Inspection is a technique to review, which is the type of static testing to avoid the defect multiplication at later stage. It is used to find defects and it can also spot any process improvement if any. It is the technique in which the programmer reviews overall source code of the program with a group which asks queries, analyze the program logic; analyze the code with respect to the checklist of the historically common programming code errors, and analyze the compliance with coding standards. It is related to code optimization that means to check and review the program code with some data; to identify that program is working properly or not.

By Precise testing Solution

Monday, 4 August 2014

What is Code Coverage?

Code Coverage

Code coverage testing is used to define the degree to which the source code of any program is tested by a specific test suite. It’s the way to ensure that your test is actually testing your code. Code coverage tells you how much of your code is tested by running the test.
Code coverage is a white box testing method that requires knowledge of and access to the code itself rather than a simply using the any interface provided. Code coverage is probably most useful during the module testing phase, though it also has benefit during integration testing and probably at other times, depending on how and what you are testing.
The Code Coverage creatures will be allowing you to evaluate; that how much of your code is existence executed. Probably the most common reason to measure code coverage is to calculate the effectiveness of the test code at identify or go through all the possible paths through the code. Here following are the covering measures:- class coverage, method coverage, line coverage, bock coverage, instruction coverage.

Define Boundary Testing in brief.

Boundary Testing

This is one of the types of black box testing. This testing is use to define the size and rang of the input and output values. Boundary value analysis is a type of black box testing technique and used to detect the errors at boundaries of input values rather than finding those errors in the center of input values.
Finding defects using this test design technique is very effective and it can use at all test levels. You can select number of test cases from valid data and invalid data based on your needs or previous experience but remember you need to select at least one test case from each input domain.

Example: if a function expects all values in range of negative 200 to positive 2000, test inputs would include negative 201 and positive 2001.

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