Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What is a test plan?

 Test plan give us a frame and boundary in which we need to play. It defined all scope, testing mythology, time frame.
 Preparing a test plan is a useful way to defined scope, it give you a proper vision and scope. The test plan will include the following.

  • Introduce the test plan document give a shot description of project .
  • Mention version/release numbers.
  • Test plan version history it include authors, dates, approvals.
  • List of test cases included in testing the application.
  • List of the features to be tested.
  • List of feature not tested for this version
  • Software product overview.
  • List of deliverable after test complete.
  • Traceability requirements and matrix used.
  • All about testing environment should be clearly defined all
  • Test organization and personnel/contact-info/responsibilities should be include in the test plan
  • Any risk involved during the testing process should be mention.
  • Scope, limitations of testing should be properly include in scope .

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