Monday, 7 July 2014

What is the role of proper documentation in testing.

To understand the testing  process ,documentation play a important role. QA need to remember documented  should not repeat and must be in well formatted.  Specifications, designs, business principles,, inspection reports, bug reports, code changes, configurations, test plans, test cases, user manuals, etc. must be proper documented and organized in a efficient manner by all means they ease to  finding & obtaining documents what documentation will have a particular part of data. Change management for corroboration,should be used if potential.

QA need to keep all file in organize way.If he is using excel need to save file according to date wise with proper information ,In future if QA share this file to quality team or process team.It should be proper maintain.
Document version will play a important role in CMMI and  ISO implementation in organization.
For this, we will recommend,QA or Quality team need to use any document management system or bug reporting system.I recommend you need to try scopidea ,This will help you in project management and document management 

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  1. Hi Sandeep,

    Thanks for write something about documentation, i was searching that kind of words, But you manage these things in so limited words please try to elaborate this more.



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