Thursday, 24 July 2014

What is Binary Portability Testing?

Binary Portability Testing

This testing is used test the portability of the software by executing the software on different platforms and environment. It is used for conformation of an Application Binary Interface (ABI) specification. The conformation to an Application Binary Interface (ABI) specification. The Binary Portability testing  should be carried on different types of software program platforms, such as Windows(x86, X86-64), Linux, Mac OS, Java, Solaris, and Android. If application is highly portable then user can run application in any platform and will increase the demand of the product or project. If you build any software then for portability testing we need to execute the software on different operating system or if it’s a web software then we need to run on different browsers to check the portability of build software. Software should be portable so that the user can operate on any platform.

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