Saturday, 12 July 2014

What do you mean by Component Testing, Compatibility Testing and Concurrency Testing?

Component Testing

Component testing is that in which we test those test objects which are separately testable and without integrating with other components. Component testing is done by the tester and always before component testing unit testing is conducted by the developer. Component testing is consider as module testing, because we are testing each module differently and effectively.

Compatibility testing is a type of non-functional testing. In this testing we test that our software is compatible with the computing environment. Such as operating system, Hardware  platform, database, browser compatibility, other system software.

Concurrency Testing

If the multiple users are using our software concurrently then how the system are performing. Concurrency is nothing but having multiple users performs same actions at same time. It helps in identifying and measuring the problems in response time, levels of locking and deadlocking in the application. Load runner is widely use for this testing which will help to create the virtual environment and will look like that multiple users are using the same application at same time. Concurrency testing is also called multi-user testing.

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  1. I agree
    This should be done on every application
    i saw sometimes applications have a note that this application will perform better in that particular browser, that thing always irritate

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